Crit Matches Crit Match - August 10, 2020


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Dec 31, 2012
Happy Monday! :coffee::coffee::coffee:

Below you will find your crit match partner for the next two weeks. If you look to the right of your computer screen on THIS PAGE you will see a box labeled CRIT PARTNER MATCHING PROGRAM. There you will find all the rules and tools to get you through this crit-matching experience. If you have a question, and you can't find your answer in the FAQ or other links, email us at [email protected] and we'll get you squared away.

It's up to you to contact your crit partner. Just click on their name and send them a message!

The next Crit match will take place on August 24th.

Julia Stilchen@Debbie IancuSci Fi
Debbie Iancu@Julia StilchenSci Fi
Melissa Stark@Andrew AdamsFantasy
Andrew Adams@Melissa StarkFantasy
Rhonda@Marija CarpenterYoung Adult
Marija Carpenter@RhondaYoung Adult
Sevannah Storm@Rona GofsteinContemporary Romance Sexy
Rona Gofstein@Sevannah StormContemporary Romance Sexy
Steven R Brandt@PRPalischFantasy
PRPalisch@Steven R BrandtFantasy
Tina Holland@AlexandraAlmondContemporary Romance Sexy
AlexandraAlmond@Tina HollandContemporary Romance Sexy