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Dec 31, 2012
Happy Monday! :coffee::coffee::coffee:

Below you will find your crit match partner for the next two weeks. If you look to the right of your computer screen on THIS PAGE you will see a box labeled CRIT PARTNER MATCHING PROGRAM. There you will find all the rules and tools to get you through this crit-matching experience. If you have a question, and you can't find your answer in the FAQ or other links, email us at [email protected] and we'll get you squared away.

There's a new rule with this match - If you fail to respond to your assigned partner we will remove you from our matching pool. This is to ensure everyone who gets paired gets a HEA. :)

It's up to you to contact your crit partner. Just click on their name and send them a message!

The next Crit match will take place on November 9th.

BarbLucas@Donna ShieldsParanormal Romance
Donna Shields@BarbLucasParanormal Romance
Barbara Sheridan@Caro KinkeadHistorical Romance
Caro Kinkead@Barbara SheridanHistorical Romance
Clarice Pratt@Sara JHistorical Romance
Sara J@Clarice PrattHistorical Romance
ClarE Cartagena@Debbie IancuSci Fi
Debbie Iancu@ClarE CartagenaSci Fi
Renee Wildes@Sevannah StormRomance (other subgenre)
Sevannah Storm@Renee WildesRomance (other subgenre)
Elizabeth ''Liz'' Cole@kpalmsHistorical Romance
kpalms@Elizabeth ''Liz'' ColeHistorical Romance
Barb P@FranMystery
Fran@Barb PMystery
Jaime Samms@JasonWrenchLGBTQ Romance
JasonWrench@Jaime SammsLGBTQ Romance
Jan Bill@mperezpal1115Romantic Suspense
mperezpal1115@Jan BillRomantic Suspense
Jenny Evans@Jennifer MackHistorical Romance
Jennifer Mack@Jenny EvansHistorical Romance
Julia Stilchen@Themewriter21Sci Fi
Themewriter21@Julia StilchenSci Fi
Lauren Watson@Silviya RadkovaMystery
Silviya Radkova@Lauren WatsonMystery
JessicaHolt@tatsandromanceContemporary Romance Sexy
tatsandromance@JessicaHoltContemporary Romance Sexy
Pam Wendt@bdk05089Small Town Romance
bdk05089@Pam WendtSmall Town Romance
Rhonda's Fiction HallWomen's Fiction
Sarah Vance@SylFarContemporary Romance Sexy
SylFar@Sarah VanceContemporary Romance Sexy
TaylorMLunsford@Dana WayneContemporary Romance Sexy
Dana Wayne@TaylorMLunsfordContemporary Romance Sexy
Tom Grady@KieraCParanormal Romance
KieraC@Tom GradyParanormal Romance
lyla Bellatas@Staci LeeContemporary Romance Sexy
Staci Lee@lyla BellatasContemporary Romance Sexy
Latin Lady@CACHistorical Romance
CAC@Latin LadyHistorical Romance
LC Hayden@BellaMystery
Bella@LC HaydenMystery
Avery@LisaJassSmall Town Romance
LisaJass@AverySmall Town Romance
Marija Carpenter@WolfOYoung Adult
WolfO@Marija CarpenterYoung Adult
SMarreeK@Donna J SYoung Adult
Donna J S@SMarreeKYoung Adult
Janflora@stephlouiseContemporary Romance Sexy
stephlouise@JanfloraContemporary Romance Sexy
jack g@KatmelkjorFantasy
Katmelkjor@jack gFantasy
CS Simpson@EBucknerFantasy
EBuckner@CS SimpsonFantasy
Desiree Kendrick@BoekwurmWomen's Fiction
Boekwurm@Desiree KendrickWomen's Fiction
EmilyK150@Judi L.Mystery
Judi L.@EmilyK150Mystery
Isadorabrown@AletheiaJoyYoung Adult
AletheiaJoy@IsadorabrownYoung Adult
Specs15@Brieanna WilkoffYoung Adult
Brieanna Wilkoff@Specs15Young Adult
Hi, this is the second week in the Critique Matching program , I have clicked on the link to the person I've been matched with and received no response. I'm assuming my message is going through but I'm wondering if they don't get an email alert that they have a message. That happened to me once and if I hadn't logged into Savvy Author website I would never have known I had been matched. Or...I suppose I am simply unlucky in the match department.
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Savvy Crew
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Dec 31, 2012
Hi Desiree. Hmm... Everyone who is matched (or not) gets an email to inform them that they are matched, and that they should attempt to contact the other person. I'll shoot an email to your match and see if they respond to it. Sorry for the non-responses! 2020 has been a bit of a year. I'll get back to you with what I learn.

Thanks. :)
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