Discover Your “Chunk” to get that book done by Allie Pleiter


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These days publishing has become as much about productivity as about product. Writers are expected to produce books faster than ever, while also handling a multitude of marketing (if not independent publishing) tasks.  How do you get those words out of your head to become the books you want to share with the world?
Here’s a powerful system for tackling this issue:  The Chunky Method.
What is your Chunk?
Your “Chunk” is simply how many words you write in a single sitting before you run out of creative energy. Most of us have a consistent chunk, and that can be the basis of some very effective planning.  Once you give yourself a few experimental sessions and average the output, you’ll know your Chunk—and that’s half the data you need.
Are you a Big Chunk writer or a Small Chunk writer?
This distinction is the other half of the information you need.  Based on my experience, if your chunk is 1000 words or higher, you are probably a Big Chunk writer.  If it is less than that...
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