Feast Your Eyes On This: Using Video to Promote Your Book by Robin Facer


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After Google, the 2ndLargest search engine is . . .
YouTube. That’s right—YouTube processes over 3 billion searches a month. Right this second, even as you read this blog, 1 out of every two users on the internet is watching YouTube.
Surprised? I was, although I shouldn’t have been. I’ve been working with visual storytelling for more than twenty years, so I’m well aware of the power of video content. It makes us laugh; it makes us cry. It’s a teaching tool, a method of communication, and a source of entertainment. According to Forbes magazine, video accounted for 73% of internet traffic in a 2016 study.
All of this is good news for authors who know how to apply their existing storytelling skills to video content, allowing them to...
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