Intros & Newbies Hello! New space fantasy romance writer here :)

Clover Kinkade

Mar 11, 2020
South Carolina
Hi everyone! I dabbled in writing fiction a few years ago and just couldn't pin down my genre nor dedicate the time to it because I run my own business (and had a million other excuses LOL). I'm starting fresh and feeling really determined to stick with it and finish my first novel quickly.

Would love to connect with folks here that want to encourage and help hold each other accountable, so any advice on where to start with that would be appreciated. Excited to be here!
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Hi Clover and welcome!
You are in good company! We have lots of writers around here who are in just about all stages of writing and publishing. We try to help in as many ways as we can. All of us here are writers and like you, I am struggling to get back into it! What genre do you write in?

Tamsen Kaye

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Mar 18, 2011
Alberta Canada
Hi @Clover Kinkade! Welcome to Savvy! I'm a longtime member who's back from hiatus. I haven't been around for a while but Savvy is an awesome community with the best writing courses you can find.

Dana Wayne

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Jul 20, 2016
East Texas
I haven't been active in a long time; too many irons in the fire I guess. I'm an indie author, and write romance, (contemporary and romantic suspense). I'm really struggling with my fifth book. Trying to stay focused these days is difficult so hoping to find some avenue for inspiration and motivation.