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Karen Neary

Sep 7, 2020
Ellicott City, Maryland
My name is Karen Neary Smithson and I'm the author of the Beth Getty Mystery series published by TouchPoint Press. Writing had never been on my radar. My passion was art--I wanted to be a painter--but not a starving artist. So I experienced a variety of careers such as a child advocate, a human rights commissioner, and an art educator. Somewhere along the line I began writing and found the act of creating my own world magical. I still paint and my work has been exhibited in local galleries and shows. I'm also a numismatic and am crazy about ancient coins of the Hellenistic period and the Roman Empire. I've been known to pop up as an extra in Baltimore based movies and television shows. I love the beach and spend many hours there planning and writing my stories. I live with my husband and three rescued turned show cats in Ellicott City, Maryland. My debut novel, "Death in Disguise" won a first-place 2018 PenCraft award in the Fiction-Mystery- Sleuth category. The sequel is scheduled to be released in Spring 2021.
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