All things writing Help! Can't figure out minor ARC for Minor Character


Sep 15, 2016
I have a minor character in my manuscript, but I can't figure out an ARC for him. I just need a little one. I looked at the story without him and it doesn't work. He's the glue for the group, but feedback I have gotten is he is the least developed of the characters.

I tried character worksheets and nothing. He's almost a tool for all the other characters, and the plot. The only possible arc I can think of is that although he is the leader of the group, he isn't really A LEADER. And after his choices cause a few mishaps, and the death of one of the group, he figures out he really shouldn't be the leader. But he also is that person who can get others to follow the new leader. Is that a good enough arc for a minor character?


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Feb 19, 2010
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Since he's a minor character, yes, it's enough. His goal is to get someone else to take over the responsibility of guiding his group. His motivation is guilt over the death of their friend.

You can have him pull away emotionally while trying to push someone else to the position he now detests. You just need to show more of his emotional mindset when he's talking with the others.