SHOUT it out! Holly Lisle asks How do you Reliably sell more books?


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Dec 31, 2014
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Holly Lisle says:

Writers of #fiction and #memoir nonfiction: How do you RELIABLY sell more books?

Right now, NOBODY knows.
Publishers have been using 'throw enough writers against a wall, and some of them are sure to stick' as their method for promoting books.
Publicists do great for most kinds of nonfiction, but have no reliable way to put fiction and memoir-type nonfiction into readers' hands.
Techniques like giving away free copies on Amazon used to work, but they aren't so great anymore.
There is currently no reliable way to promote your book and know it will sell for you.
A team of volunteers and I are researching what DOES work

I'm working with my UglyLaunch Mastermind group to figure out what DOES work to sell fiction and memoir-type nonfiction, whether indie-pubbed or commercially published.
I've built out a launch system based on the process I use to teach writers to WRITE fiction---and now we're going to see if that process can give those writers more readers for their work.
My UglyLaunch volunteers and I are putting together a series of launches of different books to:
test, re-test, and refine my process,
to understand the principles behind what writers can do to sell their fiction,
and to turn it into a step-by-step system ANY fiction writer or memoirist can use.
Our objective is to uncover the process that will allow writers to contact their readers from...
their mailing lists,
their blogs and
anywhere else,
...give those potential readers cool launch content that will put them inside the writer's story during pre-launch, and create a LOT of sales of that book and that writer the same day the launch goes live.
OUR FIRST TEST LAUNCH is now less than a week away from pre-launch.
You can watch this in progress, see every step we take, read every email, watch every video, and find out when it's all over whether we got something that worked this time that we can build on to improve, or whether we have to go back to the drawing board and start over from scratch.
And you can receive notification every time we do a new test launch, and observe that, too.
When I have a process that works every time, I'll build a Fiction / Personal Nonfiction Launch course, and the folks who have been following along will get an EarlyBird discount.

Right now, our test launches are available to you on free list, and even if you just watch the launches, you'll start getting a feel for what works and what doesn't.
So join us now

I'm excited about the possibilities. I hope you are too.
Holly Lisle

P.S. A few folks have had problems with just getting a picture (no join button) from the link above.
If this happens to you, you can join here.
But you'll be helping the whole test team debug the first part of the launch process if you try the top link first.
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