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Going Indie
When you are writing for publication—regardless of its form—your main goal is communication. Your purpose to write may be to inform, educate, or entertain, but if you cannot communicate with your words effectively, why bother.
I see my job as an editor as a part of the author’s last line of defence between their baby (work) and a cold, sometimes-cruel public. Editors are not here to teach you how to write, but you may learn from a good editor how to improve your writing.
I want to reveal to you some secrets when it comes to dealing with the mysterious and sometimes-cranky creature, communis Editor, aka “the common editor.”
It is a myth that editors are an unholy cross between female human and a male of undeterminable origin or species. The truth is that editors are 100% human —and we make mistakes.
So, how can an author reason with the likes of us?
Use Your Words
Editors have above average knowledge when it comes to grammar and punctuation and things like that, but the author has...
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