Improve your Craft with Worldbuilding by Catherine Peace


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Hello everyone, and happy February!
Hard to believe it’s already 2019. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably made resolutions—some you’ll keep and some you won’t (or maybe you won’t keep any of them; if that’s the case, we can totally be friends).
One of the things I’ve resolved to do this year is to get my life together, and that includes my writing life. Even though it’s hard to remember when we’re screaming at the computer screen and wondering why our characters have hijacked the plot again, writing is a craft, and one always has to be willing to improve. And I will tell you this: one of the simplest ways to improve your craft is also one of the most daunting.
That’s right, kids. It’s worldbuilding.
(I’ll wait for you to finish groaning, and possibly falling upon your fainting couch. Go on; it’s okay. I feel this way about edits.)
The thing is, some of the most memorable books in the last 20 years wouldn’t even be blips on the radar without the worldbuilding components...
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