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Alice Fitzpatrick

Aug 11, 2018
Title: A Dark Death
Genre: Adult Traditional Mystery
Length: 82,000 words
Author: Alice Fitzpatrick

It’s a typical summer on a small Welsh island with a startling archeological discovery, a séance, the minister's crisis of faith, and the murder of a conman psychic. Kate’s godson has both motive and opportunity. To save him, she must find a killer.
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Cathy Marlowe

Jul 29, 2010
Title: Saraphina Barbarina
Genre: Middle Grade
Length: 40,000 words
Author: Cathy Morrison

No one believes a daring young princess when she warns of coming danger from dastardly dragons and wily wizards. Now she must plan a counterattack and save the kingdom with only the ancient diary of Barbarina the Brave, a nuisance of a gnome, and her own self-honed battle skills.
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Title: Great American Homicide
Genre: Crime
Length: 93,700
Author: C. Kenneth Foit

FBI agent hunts suspected cop killer while suffering from a life-threatening illness. MWA (anon eval, first 25 pages): "... an original thriller... the characters seem unique..."; Writers' Union Canada (anon eval, entire text): "... will be an exciting contribution to the genre of crime fiction..."; Blue Otter Editing: "... it kept me glued to the pages as a reader as well as an editor..."; Roth (editor): "... quite an amazing endeavor. A really interesting, fun and fast paced read."
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