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As I decorate my Christmas tree, I find myself exploring the reasons I do the things I do. Why do I decorate my house, sprinkle twinkle lights everywhere, cook delicious meals for family and friends? Why do I (attempt to) bake cookies? Why wrap the gifts? Why throw parties? Well, there are several reasons for it, and all of them tie directly into why I do the things I do in other parts of my life, like, for example, my author life.
My author life is as exciting and beautiful as the holidays, and when marketing is intertwined with the glitter and glow, things really pop and sales make me happy. Here are a few holiday gift tips from me to you on how marketing can keep the holiday spirit in your day-to-day all year round.
Too often I hear authors softly state that they don’t want to attract attention, that it seems bold or too grand for the book they wrote. Honestly, if you don’t toot your horn, who will toot it for you? If fans don’t know your book exists, they...
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