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Film can do incredible things.
It can make you believe you’re seeing dragons fly, or a Jedi Knight battling Darth Vader.
But as impressive as that is, novelists can do something even the best filmmakers can’t. They can make you feel the beat of the dragon’s wings, or the heat of the light saber humming in your hands.
No technology can build that kind of direct connection between minds using nothing more than words.
But to pull that off, the novelist must eliminate every barrier she can between her brain and her reader’s. Any sentence that doesn’t get the idea across must be rewritten until it does. If a line’s meaning is vague or unfocused, it must be clarified and sharpened.
You do not want your reader to have to stop and decipher your work.
The instant she does, you’ve thrown her out of the story. Do that enough and the illusion of reality will shatter. She’ll lose interest in the story.
There are a couple of tricks I use to spot illusion-breakers. First, I let the book sit a...
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