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Going Indie
Writer Ernest Hemmingway is quoted as saying “Write drunk. Edit Sober.”
Fair enough, but I wonder what he’d say about marketing?
Gone are the days when an author gets to spend their time writing and editing and then moving on to the next book as the publishing house took care of advertisements, book tours, and setting up interviews.
Whether you’re a traditionally published, have gone the indie route or have become a hybrid writer, the need to get the word out about your stories is on 24/7/365. The perpetual marketing merry-go-round has you either promoting your latest work in progress, talking about a new release, or discussing the upcoming masterpiece you most assuredly will create. And just like writing, marketing can get stale if you don’t mix it up and think outside the box.
Problem is, a lot of authors don’t like marketing at all and I get that. Repeatedly talking about a story you’ve been working on for weeks, months, and at time years, can get this side of snoozeville...
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