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Dec 7, 2020
I broke a rule! I used an exclamation point!
I’m a writer of historical romance and WF. My first book is slated for Feb 2021. My cover has a bare chested man. I’ve been reading that sometimes FB will kick the ad back. Is there an appeal process for this?
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RJ Garside
RJ Garside
Hi, @Annette2boyz!

Welcome to SavvyAuthors! Sorry for the delayed reply. I haven't been as active on the site with the holidays.

I use a lot of exclamation points and smiley faces. There are no rules at SavvyAuthors against those two things. :)

Congratulations on the release of your first book. Feel free to share more information. We are here to cheer you on!

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Michele True
Michele True
Hi Annette, what I have found in my research is that there is no appeal process for a bare-chested man promo that is taken down. A thought, by the time you appeal and get to start again, your prime timing for promotion is gone. Could you put together a different campaign that ties into those you use elsewhere that will comply with Facebook/Instagram regulations?
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