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May 7, 2020
Olathe KS
Hello All,

My name is Katherine Schlem. I'm often known online by my moniker, KitKat, an appellation given to me by Christine Feehan many many years ago.

I'm a married, stay at home mom of two teenage sons. My husband is visually impaired but telecommutes his job as an IT Programmer/Senior Analyst for the Financial Division of a major reinsurer. I'm first and foremost a poetry writer and have been since Middle School. I have a degree in Political Science, which I can talk more about if any are interested. I don't want to offend anyone.

I began extensive prose writing in High School and continued into post-college with a stint in Fanfiction, primarily Hannibal Lecter based. I began my own writing series in 2006-07 writing a somewhat controversial and touchy subject matter, the case of a High School student and her school librarian falling in love. There are many extenuating factors that cover this issue and make it reasonable and it is a reflection on my own relationship with an instructor in school. It's got many overtones: mafia, love of family, protection of the weak. It's also a paranormal romance that deals with the existence of Hindu Avatars manifesting into their human hosts on earth. It's also hypererotic in portions of the text.

I started it back then, but, as my first child got diagnosed with Autism I had to put it aside and focus on being a parent. I had 153 pages, entirely handwritten, back then. Since I picked up that manuscript back in around 2013 or so, I've now got three completed manuscripts in the series and one in progress. They're all handwritten and over 4000 pages so far. I expect about a 9 book series overall.

Thanks for welcoming me into your midst.
Katherine Schlem
aka KitKat
PenName to come later (when I figure it out)
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Jun 26, 2014
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Wow, me too! Can't believe I missed this. KitKat, welcome to Savvy! Have you read any of the Jane Doe books? when I read your intro I immediately thought of those books. If you have not, you are in for a treat!