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Ahoy, mateys!
I recently returned from the first-ever Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Cruise. On January 12, I set sail from Fort Lauderdale with a boatload of authors and readers for Labadee, Haiti, and Falmouth, Jamaica. Talk about high seas hijinks!
The Barbara Vey event was my second cruise but my first as an author interacting with readers (many thanks to Barbara for inviting me to come). It was a terrific experience because it gave me a chance to get to know my readers in a fun and relaxed setting, which is virtually impossible to do at a book-signing or conference. I managed to get some writing done in the mornings, and then I spent the days doing things with readers, like eating meals, playing games, seeing shows, talking books, learning about new cultures, and having lots of fruity rum cocktails.
Romance and Mystery afoot!
Although there were mainly romance authors on board—Heather Graham, Marina Adair, MK Meredith, and Karen Rose, to namedrop a few—I was thrilled to...
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