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Finishing a book can be both a relief and letdown.
Yes, we are happy the book or story is finished and we can celebrate a feeling of accomplishment at having finally written The End to the project. But don’t you also feel sad about losing your daily contact with those characters and the place you’ve been visiting in your head for weeks or months? In some ways, moving on to a whole new project or book is comparable to moving to a new city or job.  You have to meet a whole new bunch of people and learn about the new place before you feel totally comfortable.  In some ways, staying in that old location – and with those familiar faces and people – can be more comforting.
As writers we need to constantly move into new places and greet new people every time we start a new book.  But what is wrong with returning to some of those same old people and places? Some writers do this by turning their stand-alone books into a series. They will take the town and/or characters from a past book and...
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