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As a Librarian and an author, I marvel at how the world of information gathering has changed.
That was one reason I chose to become a Librarian in the Google decade. I enjoy helping others clear the noise around them. I cherish encouraging authors to develop reliable, realistic, and powerful researching techniques that allow them to become experts in their work. Researching a new topic around my current work is thrilling. I find it challenging, engaging, and inspiring.
I know that not all authors feel the same about researching. For most, it is time-consuming. For many, it is overwhelming. I am often asked for tips to help authors manage their researching projects around the writing process.
The most important tip I give is to research the smart way.
I encourage authors to go beyond “Googling” or using Wikipedia. Google and Wikipedia are a decent starting point but don’t stop there. Develop new skills by learning how to access your local library databases or become a part of a...
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