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Jun 26, 2014
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Our new site is based on Xenforo, a very cool forum out of the UK. We love Xenforo and hope you will, too! There is so much here but here are a couple of fun things to get you started:

  1. Fully integrated chatroom
    1. Our new chatroom uses a Facebook-like chat look and feel. Its fully integrated with your friends so you can see when your buddies come online and chat iinstantlywith them. Join one of our pre-made rooms for sprints and hanging out.
    2. Want your own, private chatroom? Yep, you can do that too!
    3. Video chat! yep you can use video to chat with your buddies
  2. Pathway to Quit your Dayjob
    Banners, Badges and Buttons..oh my! We have a badge, banner and/or button for all your writing achievements and earn points as your gain writing skills, achievements and give back to your Savvy community with our soon to be unveiled Quit your Dayjob tracker .
  3. User tagging in all posts
    Type and "@" in front of your friends userIDs and have them tagged in your post...yes exactly like on Twitter! When you tag someone, they are notified that you have tagged them and sent a link to the post you tagged them in!
  4. New Post Editor
    1. Cool post editor features with simple image insertion, state of the art copy-paste from MS-Word, Word count
    2. Recover changes via an edit history in posts
    3. The editor autosaves as you edit and will nag you if you try to close without saving.
    4. Use BB codes if you prefer!
    5. Paste directly from MS Word...yeppers this should work here!
    6. Quote multiple discontinuous lines from multiple posts! When looking at a post, select the content you wish to quote and click the "+quote" link at the bottom right side of the page. That adds the selected content to your quote queue, when you want to paste, click on an editor and the "Paste quoted content" link will the link, and et voila! your quoted content is pasted!
    7. Provide lots of feedback on posts, just use the rating system you see along the bottom of posts to give likes, hugs, rainbows and lots more!
  5. Post your status...Let everyone know what you are up to. Just click on your name and a small overlay will appear where you can access your profile, private conversations and status updates.
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