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This blog post is about writing.
It’s about writing male characters and female characters. It has nothing to do with your everyday life.  Keep that in mind as you go through this post.  (I double dare you to try to keep that in mind. I double dare you to try to separate your writing from your living. Go ahead. Try it! J )
Okay, here we go.  AS WRITERS:
Do we care if there is a difference between women and men?
Dating sites seem to care.  Clothes designers seem to care.  Pregnant parents seem to care, if the rise of gender reveal parties are any indication.
Some of these reasons to care will make sense to you and some may not, according to who you are as an individual.  Ooops!  Nope, not looking at you, kid.  Just talking about some generic writer.
Why do we (AS WRITERS) care?
Because we interact with people differently whether they are gendered male or female.  We make different assumptions, use different words and different body language and make different decisions based on...
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Robert E

Questions 8 and 9 are poorly constructed if not 'scientific'. However, getting an answer to any question is the subject of scientific inquiry. ;)

"When a man doesn’t cry, is he withholding his emotions to be machismo?" Impossible to answer because his 'machismo' is unknown. There may be another reason for why he isn't crying.

"Who is better at traditional home cooking, a man or a woman? Who makes a better restaurant chef?" Again, impossible to know. The person answering the question doesn't have enough data. And there's the problem of what 'traditional' means to the person answering the question. The same problem with Part B.

Answering these questions becomes a matter of opinion. Whereas the other questions are YES/NO questions and can answered YES or NO. So even if you didn't intend for it to be scientific, you've made it difficult for people to respond. Ok, you say 'it depends' is the answer to these questions but you expected people to answer from their perspective - I gave YES/NO answers to the first 7 questions. Questions 8 & 9 were too ambiguous to even try to answer.

For example: "When a guy prefers salads to steaks, do you think he is more feminine than other men?" I answered NO.

You said 'this isn't about me' but you want me to apply these ideas to my characters and writing. The first thing that came to mind was Romance writers - they deliberately write stories that stipulate who is who and who isn't and who's doing what to whom. Their reasons for doing this are not artistic but predacious - they want to sell books and make money.

If they applied your 'culture busting' activity to their writing, that would be the end of Romance. I'm not a Romance writer so I don't give a damn if its dies. But I'm sure it would upset a lot of book buyers.