Yes, You Can be a Highly Successful Writer in 2019! IRENE S. ROTH


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Jun 26, 2014
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There are many ways to become a successful writer.
One way is to follow-through. To follow-through is to take stock of your writing goals and to assess your progress on those goals each week. This process need not take a long time. It could take as few as five or ten minutes. But the process itself is important because it can really help you feel better and more self-confident of your writing career. And this feeling of self-confidence can help you to feel better about your overall writing career and goals.
However, you should also assess your goals before the end of year and before the new year starts. Hopefully, you kept your notes on how you progressed during the year. If not, you can always look through your planner and see what you accomplished this year. Make sure that you take stock and celebrate your accomplishments!  It is hard to be consistent enough to complete writing goals. So, we should all celebrate all those accomplishments before we start the new year!
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