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Yep we've seen 'em all but not in one place before!
Explore the endless possibilities of your stories and characters before you even begin the draft!
At the end of this course, You will have a complete five-page website ready to go!
Delve into the male mind and find out what makes them tick!
You've probably heard of the Hero's Journey. Now learn how to create your heroine's arc!
Six master classes designed to take your craft to the next level.
Learn ways to make your storytelling exciting and evocative from a veteran editor!
Learn how to craft an outline that will help you stay productive!
Learn how to develop a premise that will grab your reader!
Create a story that stays with readers long after they put your book down!
Learn the elements of layering to create a dynamic story!
Take this lesson from an editor - conflicts MATTER. Learn how to make yours bulletproof!
Discover what an editor looks for in a manuscript - from a professional editor!
Motivation and determination will get you anywhere you want to be!