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Deflowering Daisy by Kathryn Kane

Deflowering Daisy-96dpi_200 This novel is set in the summer of the year after Waterloo and much of the story takes place at a secluded country estate in Lincolnshire, in July, as it happens. The story is about an innocent young woman, Daisy, who is initiated into the pleasures of the bedchamber by David, a former spy. Daisy is convinced she is dowdy and unattractive and has devoted her life to the care of the orphan children in one of the foundling homes established by her husband, Sir Arthur Hammond. Sir Arthur is an elderly man who married Daisy to protect her from the cruelty of her stepfather. He has never consummated the marriage because he was so deeply in love with his first wife. David is Sir Arthur’s godson, a man who has become something of a social outcast after a tragedy which took place when he prevented Napoleon Bonaparte from being taken out of English custody just as Bonaparte was about to be sent off to his final exile on St. Helena. Sir Arthur is a wealthy man who knows he does not have much longer to live. He is concerned that if Daisy remains innocent of what passes between a man and a woman, she will be at the mercy of any fortune hunter out for her money once she becomes a widow, so he convinces the reluctant David to initiate her, for her protection. But is that the only reason?

Published by Jupiter Gardens Press

buylink: http://www.amazon.com/Deflowering-Daisy-Kathryn-Kane-ebook/dp/B00LPOAA78/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1406048869&sr=8-1-spell&keywords=Kathryne+Kane

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