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Getting the Details Right Or How not to piss off the Geeky Author! By Sascha Illyvich

Details matter

Ever think about the simple details in your stories? You write this 100,000-word opus with beautiful scenery, extravagant dialogue, wonderful characters filled with conflict and the publishers love it. The agents love it. The editors love it.

They sell it. The public picks it up. (Keep going! This is fantasy!) They read it and devour it, and like the next Sascha Illyvich novel, they can’t wait for the sequel or another book.

But then you have that one reader.

You know the one I’m talking about? The voracious, reads six books a week, knows all her favorite authors (and Sascha titles), and has all this memorized because she’s such a fanatic reader. She finds the one mistake in your entire book. That little detail.  But that detail you as an author get wrong will have your readers screaming at you.

WTF did this author not do their research? OF COURSE XYZ IS ACTUALLY DEF! GAH!

After editing a few authors, who should have known better, I decided to start talking about some of my passions. I know those little details are minor, but readers of a certain genre of fiction will notice them. I’ve seen it repeatedly happen over the almost twenty years of my career and even made that mistake a few times myself. Thankfully I had editors.

Do you know the difference between a clip and a magazine.

Do you know what a cut is in MC culture?

Or why you really can’t aim two Uzis with full on accuracy and expect to do anything more than spray and pray?

Seriously, a scene in Saint in Sinner’s Eyes, I’d planned to have my main character use two Uzis to defend his position the same way I had seen Michael Westen do in Burn Notice, but tactically it wouldn’t have worked. Realistically, it wouldn’t have worked the way I wanted it to, and someone would have called me on it.

The same goes for basic drinking rules. Some mixers don’t go in certain drinks no matter how much we can bend the truth. With drugs, you have to keep in mind history going back to opium dens and the drug trade.

Sex has its flaws too, and many writers don’t seem to remember that. The biggest response to date I’ve had on Facebook has been to the question “Have you ever had anal?”

Reason, I asked? I kept reading stories with anal that FORGOT THE LUBE! NO!


The point is, as we start to explore new and exciting subgenres (is Djent Death Metal romance a thing yet?) we need to be mindful not only of the language used in those subcategories but also aware that the readers are also thoroughly engrossed in those stories, and one slip up will make a difference to some.

With alcohol, I’m usually that author. As a cigar smoker, I’ve posted snippets on sites, and people in the know regularly commented on “my fine job” of describing the cigar experience despite me possibly being a woman. 

I want you to get those details right and earn the same kudos.

That’s why I am presenting Sex, Booze, and Writing With Sascha Illyvich at SavvyAuthors, starting on October 23. In this class, we will talk about the details and how to make sure you don’t raise the eyebrows of your most discriminating fan.


[box] BIO:

Sascha Illyvich A native of Texas, Sascha is the industry acknowledged Bad Boy of Romance, writing stories so hot they must be whispered.

Sascha, who was proclaimed by the publishing industry as The Bad Boy of Romance, started writing fifteen years ago. His erotic romances have been listed under Night Owl Romance’s and Road to Romance’s Recommended read lists, and he’s been nominated for a CAPA by The Romance Studio. Recently, Torn to Pieces was a USA TODAY Recommended Read.

Sascha is a trained and experienced public speaker, and enjoys giving talks and teaching, particularly on aspects of romance, erotic romance, and writing. He was the former host of The Unnamed Romance Show on Radio Dentata, and is fond of doing guest spots and interviews, on both traditional radio and podcasts.

Sascha writes for Assent Publishing, Red Sage, Secret Cravings Publishing, Sizzler Editions, Totally Bound, and Decadent Publishing.


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Theresa is the youngest of three sisters who, through their magical talents, share in keeping the world in balance and harmony, as well as ruling the wolves. Her magical powers are blocked, however, and can only be freed when she learns to accept herself and all her gifts – including the gift of her submission.

Reinhold, Alpha of one of the oldest wolf packs in the Midwest, had been given everything he could possibly ask for when the three magical sisters accepted him. He learned from Crissy how to submit. He learned from Lynne the finer points of being a Switch. Now it falls to him to convince Theresa that love is her greatest gift, and through her submission to him, she will soar to new heights with her power.

But Theresa rejects everything Reinhold wants to give her, and Reinhold finally learns that even his patience and stubbornness has its limit…and walking away from her may be the only choice left to him.

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