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How to reduce email unsubscribes by Lisa Siefert

You’ve finally done it: you’ve gained a new email subscriber.


Woo-hoo! Break out the champagne, kick back and revel in your newfound fanbase growth.


Next, comes the hard part: what do say to this new arrival? Should you single them out with an individual email greeting? Should you simply pretend they didn’t just join and start including them in your regular Buy Me Newsletters you send out?


Well, if you go with the first, aka as an email welcome sequence, then you have a higher likelihood of retaining that subscriber. If you forgo the entire welcome protocol and start sending them Buy Me emails, aka Spam, then adios subscriber.


Because we all need more spam. Not!

You worked hard to gain that new subscriber, either by participating in a multi-author giveaway, a contest or guest blog post collaboration. So why not put the same effort into retaining them?


I see so many authors whose email list I somehow join, who knows how with all of the giveaways and contests I subscribe to, then they simply add me to their monthly spam email telling me to buy their book. Well, great…ummm who are you again?


And then when I can’t figure it out, I hit the Unsubscribe button.


So how can you avoid this?

First, it’s not completely unavoidable. Some people simply enter contests and join lists for the freebie or giveaway entry and have no intention of staying on your list. Don’t cry over this. This reader was never going to buy your book or become a fan anyway. You not only want them to unsubscribe but you should be happy about it.


Why? Because subscribers cost you money. The more subscribers you have, the higher costs you’re paying to your email provider. And what’s the point of paying for email subscriber “rent” for someone who has created a filter where you permanently go into the Spam folder?


Second, you should put together a rockstar Email Welcome Sequence. A series of about four emails spread out over two weeks should do it.


The Ultimate Email Welcome Sequence

Set The Stage:

Introduce yourself in a friendly, relatable way. Don’t be salesy. Tell them who you are, what you write, where you live, how many fur babies you have and your favorite dessert or something fun like that. Then let them know what they can expect from you going forward. Do you send weekly, monthly, quarterly emails? Is there a way for them to update their email preferences based on list segmentation or timing of your updates?


Share your something special thing that they’re now a part of:

What sets you apart from all other authors in your genre? Do you write about orphans as your main heroines? Do you prefer having your lead fall in love with alpha males? And what are some other positive book reviews you’ve received? Provide some social proof by letting them know they’re now part of this great, exclusive club.


Get Personal: No, not about yourself.

Remember when I said don’t be salesy. I mean get personal about them. Send your new subscriber a survey asking what they read, where they buy books, their favorite authors, what social media platforms do they hang out on? Act like you care – because you really should.


Invite them to your social media platforms:

Yes, that’s right. Now, you can invite them over. Have you ever had a first date where the guy said: “Come to my house for dinner.” Of course not. That would be crazy so why would you tell them to join you on social media when you first meet them. They might find you on their own but wait until the 4th email for the invite to do so.


Want to get more great email newsletter tips? Come join me in Email Marketing: Creating Your First Book Funnel next month where we’ll put together a rock-solid plan to both gain subscribers on a consistent basis and then how to retain & entertain them for life.


[box] About Lisa:

Lisa SiefertI’m VP of the Contemporary Romance Writers online chapter of RWA and a certified personal trainer and weight-loss coach. In addition to writing contemporary romance about con artists and the women who love them, I also give romance writers and bloggers their happily ever fit body and bestseller lifestyle. For my Top 10 Fitness Tools for Writers, please visit



Thanks Lisa! This is great advice and I suspect you will see changes in our newsletter here at Savvy based on your suggestions. :)

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