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I am Finite, therefore I Write By Sally J. Walker

When “young” most people give very little thought to their mortality.

Commonly, a “brush with death” in an accident or disaster or the loss of a loved one rattles a young person to awareness.  The demands of daily life, both mundane and intense, usually keep humans in the moment.  Immediate needs have to be met through tasks, earning a living, and the business of daily living or foundations for the future laid with an education.  Even the ache for unmet needs fill the conscious mind.

Eventually, however, there comes the shadow of time passing, not in days or hours but in months and decades.  Some people sublimate philosophical questions of existence and purpose while others truly wallow in them.  Are we alone in the Universe?  How significant is our life experiences in the earth’s billions of years timeline?  What am I meant to do in this lifetime? Big questions with some relatively simple answers.

First, awareness of your own finite state gives you power.

How?  You give more value to your days and hours.  You prioritize the mundane in contrast to your purpose and the tasks necessary to see that purpose fulfilled. You make deliberate choices and evaluate the results as your life turns into months and decades.

Second, you concentrate on what makes you feel satisfied and ignore what frustrates you.

Oh, yes, many others will attempt to intrude and take your precious time and effort.  They will try to convince you THEIR value system, their living process is more important than yours.  Some things like civil duty of paying taxes, obeying laws, accepting adult responsibilities have merit.  Those rely on your conscience and your physical ability to attain social stability. You live to be a positive force in the world.

Now comes the third factor of living up to the potential YOU discover within you,

that talent, that gift.  You have a finite life span.  That gift within quivers with the possibilities you can make reality if you choose to make it so.  Your actions create an infinite circle of “Awareness-Effort-Reality” that carries you on the ebb-and-flow tide of life through those months and decades.

I am finite.

So far I have lived a responsible and fulfilling life.  My REALITY is my talent to write.  As I went about the business of life I returned to my writing again and again.  I am on the journey to write as much as I can as long as I can.  I have been published and reached a variety of readerships for decades.  That matters not.  Why?  Because I have many MORE stories and characters, words and images lurking in my imagination. They are my “quivering possibilities” carrying me forward, demanding my awareness and effort to become my reality.

I am finite, therefore I write.

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Sally J. Walker
Adjunct Professor, Screenwriting, Omaha’s Metropolitan Community College
Workshop Facilitator,

Omaha resident Sally J. Walker’s published credits include literary, romance, and western novels, two essay collections, several creative writing te...

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