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Is my book is ready to pitch? by Leslie Dow

So we run a lot of pitchfests here at SavvyAuthors (In fact we have one starting next week). It is truly one of the most fun things we do. We love it when you get requests and even more when someone shoots us a note about their book being sold and published! We also try to do everything we can to set you guys up for success! One of the things that actually sold out this time was Becky Martinez’s amazing PitchPrep class. I dropped in on them a while ago and those pitches look great!  We’ve also been refining our Pitch Rules over the years so now these pitchfest run pretty darn smoothly.

We know the one thing that you really want your pitch to do is stand out. We get that and spending time on a truly outstanding pitch is time well-invested. But there is one last thing to consider.

We know how exciting it is to be close to finishing your book, and how the urge to pitch and tell everyone about your story is nearly overwhelming, but we want to discourage you from Premature Pitching! Yep, too often we hear of requests that simply are not answered because the book is just not ready. Or even worse you miss a sale because you sent the book out too soon.

Since I am a process person by day, I made a flowchart so you can easily determine if your book is ready to pitch!

Ta Da!

Happy Pitching!

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