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Market Outside the Box By Patricia W. Fischer

Writer Ernest Hemmingway is quoted as saying “Write drunk. Edit Sober.”

Fair enough, but I wonder what he’d say about marketing?


Gone are the days when an author gets to spend their time writing and editing and then moving on to the next book as the publishing house took care of advertisements, book tours, and setting up interviews.

Whether you’re a traditionally published, have gone the indie route or have become a hybrid writer, the need to get the word out about your stories is on 24/7/365. The perpetual marketing merry-go-round has you either promoting your latest work in progress, talking about a new release, or discussing the upcoming masterpiece you most assuredly will create. And just like writing, marketing can get stale if you don’t mix it up and think outside the box.

Problem is, a lot of authors don’t like marketing at all and I get that. Repeatedly talking about a story you’ve been working on for weeks, months, and at time years, can get this side of snoozeville.

Plus, time is precious whether you write full time or are only writing during your lunch break, you want to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to advertising your newest release or past series.

Consider small things in your story that can help find you a certain niche that hasn’t been tapped.


A new angle to help you find an entirely new set of readers.

Here’s an example.

Something as simple as having a pet in the story can open the possibilities of having a book signing at a local pet store, during an adoption drive, or even a dog bakery.

Consider spreading the word that if people donate to a local shelter or bring supplies that the group needs, you’d give them a free download to a novella, dog (or cat) treat recipes of your story, or an extra chapter (epilogue) of the book.


Don’t like book signings?

Think about volunteering at an adoption drive or even helping at a local shelter. Take photos and post on social media, especially if you’ve seen an animal that might match the one in your story and get the word out about them needing their furever home. Use hashtags such as #rescuedogsofinstagram #volunteering #fureverhomes and #writerslife to draw more interest to your site.

Be sure to offer the free download to those who comment and especially if they sign up for your newsletter.


Does your hero or heroine take a walk every day with their dog or does the pet in the book have a special trick they do?

Ask for your readers to post their pets’ tricks or on their daily walks. Readers are always looking for ways to talk to their favorite authors and let’s be honest, people want to post about their pets in the worst ways.
Writing can be hard enough without marketing, and being a success in marketing can be time-consuming. Finding ways to think outside the box to get the best results with as little time as possible is one great way to bring in more readers and increase your sales.

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Doctor Christmas

Nurse Shelly Westbrook has returned home to Marietta hoping to give her son and niece a Christmas holiday to reboot a disappointing year. Christmas is magic and Marietta is the perfect place for them all to start over.
Dr. Peter Davidson has never indulged in the Christmas spirt, but he thinks he’s hallucinating when hereaches the city limits and sees a sleigh driven by a white bearded man in a red suit. The minor collision is inevitable, as is his slight concussion. His obsession with the beautiful angel of a nurse who stops to render aid is unexpected, but just what the doctor ordered.

Can two people nursing broken hearts find love in a quiet mountain town that has always promised new beginnings?

Patricia W. Fischer is a retired trauma nurse and journalist, and award winning author who knows how to juggle ten things at once. This former pediatric ER nurse is the mother of four kids, host of Readers Entertainment Radio, has a monthly TV book picks segment on the local NBC affiliate morning show, blogs for Alamo City Mom’s Blog, and writes romance novels. Her next book, Resisting the Doctor, released in March 2018 and is the first of her medical romance series with Tule Publishing. She a member of the San Antonio Romance Authors and Romance Writers of America.
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