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Pitch Your Book to Ella Marie Shupe, Agent, Belcastro Agency – 2019 Hot Summer Pitchfest

*Pitch opens: June 12 2019 9:00am*
Pitch closes: June 14, 2019  11:59pm*   

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EllaMarie_AgentElla Marie Shupe, Agent, Belcastro Agency

Adult Fiction, Mystery, Young Adult

Currently looking for: 

She is seeking in adult: mysteries – all subgenres, thriller, suspense, cozy. All general fiction. “In adult fiction, we look for a unique voice and a strong protagonist full of attitude. We like dark and intense but we won’t turn away something that’s a little on the lighter side. We enjoy a touch of humor, and we would never turn away something sexy.”

She is looking for young adult – fantasy, science fiction, action/adventure, contemporary, magical realism, mystery/thriller, and horror. “We want profound young adult with a strong protagonist. A whacky, funny, crazy, or thought-provoking voice will draw our attention. We look for entertaining storylines that deal with tough life issues. We look for big writing that remains fast-paced.”

About Ella & Belcastro Agency: “Belcastro Agency is a full-service, literary agency representing authors writing in adult andBelcastro Agency young adult fiction. We are a passionate, hands-on, editorially-focused agency and work closely with our writers in developing manuscripts and proposals for submission. In addition, we actively manage subsidiary rights for the projects we represent including foreign translation, audio, and film/television rights. We work hand in hand with our authors to develop lasting careers through website development, social media strategies, and promotional assistance. Our mission is to shine the light on great writers and wonderful stories.”

Find out more about Ella and Belcastro Agency.

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  • L
    Lisa Rosenman
  • June 14, 2019
Genre: YA Contemporary
Length: 55,000 words
Author: Lisa Rosenman

For genius Alexis, boarding school wasn't an escape; her mother's pressure and her cutting have followed her. Caught in a cycle of perceived failure and self-harm, she must begin to heal before she's expelled.
  • T
    Tracy Gregory
  • June 14, 2019
Title: A Dangerous Truth
Genre: Adult Fiction - Suspense
Length: 115,000 words
Author: Tracy Gregory

Anna Windsor has a second chance at happiness when her husband returns from the dead, but she keeps a secret that could destroy what remains of her marriage. Entwined with her secret, is another more deadly one that may affect more than her marriage. When ghosts from the past are resurrected and threaten the lives of those she loves, Anna must make a choice.
Title: Poached
Genre: Mystery
Length: 70,000 words
Author: Lynn Guelzow

Arrow Brandt is the emergency replacement Maid of Honor at her college roommate’s destination wedding in Costa Rica where she falls for reality TV star and celebrity chef, Yoni. When she finds Yoni floating in a volcanic pool with his own knife plunged in his chest, Arrow pursues his killer over hanging bridges and through the rainforests and surf of a paradise turned deadly.
  • K
    Kate Evenson
  • June 14, 2019
Title: The Time Trials
Genre: Young Adult - Science Fiction
Length: 89,868 words
Author: Kate Evenson

In a future where time travel is regulated by the Briggbee Corporation, Aven is denied her application to go back and save her mom from a fatal car accident. When she finds a way to go illegally, she ends up in the accident herself—and discovers it wasn't an accident after all.
  • D
    David Neuner
  • June 14, 2019
Title: Everybody I Love Dies
Genre: YA Thriller
Length: 75,000 words
Author: David Neuner

DARKNESS MINE X THE SIXTH SENSE: Death is ruthlessly targeting 16-yo Marcy's estranged family members. When she figures out why, she doesn't want him to stop ... until Death sets his sights on the one person she cannot live without.
  • J
    Jessie H.G. Metzger
  • June 14, 2019
Genre: YA / Speculative Fiction
Length: 131,000
Author: Jessie H.G. Metzger

When their parents’ doomsday cult steals a weaponized virus, Sophie Carroway, the senator’s daughter, and Mason, a nobody with a chip on his shoulder, must work together to survive the impending apocalypse and stop the contagion. Walking Dead (without zombies) meets Riverdale in this novel told in two voices.
Title: Palimony
Genre: Rom Com
Length: 98,000
Author: Steve Grossman
His self-esteem and finances in tatters after a bitter divorce, Ross knows he must change his paradigm but can’t figure out how. On a plane he meets a stranger in similar straits and their plan is hatched: woo the other’s ex with the goal of cohabitation to stop the onerous alimony. With tons of inside information and coaching the plan seems foolproof until cupid takes over and hilarity ensues as Ross falls in love with his intended target.
  • J
    Jennifer Redmile
  • June 14, 2019
Title: Kiss Me Katie
Genre: Young Adult Rom-Com
Length: 67,000 words
Author: Jennifer Redmile

Katie Sims and Riley Stone have absolutely nothing in common. She’s fat – he’s hot. She’s rich – he’s poor. But when they are thrown together on Katie’s first day at Crescendo Academy of Performing Arts, they must agree to at least try to get along. Although, having to share a toe-curling kiss in the end of semester show was NOT part of the agreement.
  • A
    alex d
  • June 14, 2019
Title: The Ecdysiasts: A Burlesque Novel
Genre: Adult Fiction
Length: 80,000
Author: Alex Dueben

Noelle Aldrich was an insurance employee by day and burlesque dancer by night until she got laid off, and is now her grandmother’s caretaker. An old diary and a box of photos show Noelle that her gran was once much more than the nasty, cold adult Noelle has known her whole life and while trying to uncover more secrets, Noelle stumbles across the unsolved murder of one of her gran’s old friends – and an attractive reporter. Suddenly she has to plan a show, get a new job, while finding herself face to face with a murderer, and most terrifyingly of all, fall in love.
  • J
    Jessie H.G. Metzger
  • June 14, 2019
Genre: YA General Fiction with Sci-Fi elements
Length: 137,000 words
Author: Jessie H.G. Metzger

Sloane wakes up in witness protection to learn that her family has been murdered. Her only job is to keep her true identity a secret until the killers can be found. This proves impossible. Rose and Leo, Sloane’s best friends, find a clue that she may have survived and team up to find her, and Zander, Sloane’s annoyingly hot new “cousin,” figures out who she really is. Sloane doesn’t really start to worry until she gets an anonymous message: I know who you are.

Told in four voices, Flooders is Ready Player One meets Legend.
Genre: YA Dystopia
Length: 92,900 words
Author: Elizabeth Reed

Reyn is a teenage girl growing up in a society where men have been eliminated – or so she thinks.

Reyn has never met an XY (besides her dog, Rascal). Olive is a boy in disguise who was never supposed to exist. They develop a tumultuous friendship that puts both of them at risk.

When Reyn is framed for murder by her mother’s political rival and Olive is discovered by the authorities, both must run for their lives. Reyn discovers her friend's terrifying true identity on a perilous journey. As they approach what they think is a safe place, Reyn must choose between Olive and the life she left behind, knowing that neither is what she once thought.
  • M
    Megan McGlynn
  • June 14, 2019
Title: Ana
Genre: YA Contemporary
Length: 75,000 words
Author: Megan McGlynn

At eighteen, Kristen Hall has an imaginary friend—Ana, the personification of her eating disorder; that negative voice inside her head that tells her she isn’t good enough. Rationally, Kristen knows that Ana isn’t good for her, but the thought of letting her go is unimaginable. Yet, in her budding relationship with Alex Taylor—thoughtful, selfless, and charming—Kristen is able to see everything that she could be, including being more in control of the chaos surrounding her; and she knows that to keep one, she has to lose the other.
  • M
    Michael Racine
  • June 14, 2019
Title: The Sacred Seven
Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy
Length: 90,000 words
Author: Michael Racine

Two teens on the cusp of a summer romance would give anything for an internship with their comics industry idol, until they discover the characters they created are not only alive but forced to live out the clichéd – and deadly – plots of his failing company. Now the teens must write a conclusion to an epic years in the making, but there is a real-life tragedy hiding within the company’s past.
  • S
    Susan Chan
  • June 14, 2019
Title: The Jade Tamale
Genre: New Adult, contemporary, inter-racial/multicultural
Author: Susan Chan

When a teenager discovers she is adopted, she feels her life has been changed forever. Abby Williams isn’t even her real name and her birthmother hadn’t wanted her. Now twenty-four, she graduated from culinary school and is opening her own restaurant in San Diego CA with her boyfriend, DAN WONG.

Thank you for your consideration.
  • K
    Kathy Price
  • June 14, 2019
Title_The Banana Treehouse
Genre Young Adult -Magic Realism
Length , 55,000
Author: Kathy Price

11 yo Heaven & brother Zed sit out a hot 'L'sna summer,haunted by the ghost of their sister.When cousins from'Frisco arrive, they hate each other on sight. A werewolf, madwitch, & a drunk Uncle's on the loose. Now the cousins must unite to fight Jim Crow.
  • H
    Holly Dennler
  • June 15, 2019
Title: Killer Competition - A Killer Dogz Mystery
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Length: 70,000 words
Author: Holly Dennler

Killer Dogz proprietors Lexie and Emma swear their food didn’t kill the competition. Lexie will need to fit finding a killer and saving her business around carpool.
    • E
      Ella Marie Shupe
    • June 15, 2019
    Hi Holly,
    Thank you for pitching to me. A KILLER DOGZ MYSTERY is interesting, and I would like to read a synopsis and the first three chapters. Send as attachments to [email protected] Include SavvyAuthor in the subject line.
    Ella Marie Shupe
    Belcastro Agency
  • H
    Holly Dennler
  • June 15, 2019
Title: Jeweled to Death
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Length: 70,000 words
Author: Holly Dennler

When the drunk driver that killed her mom is murdered Cassie and her sisters are the prime suspects. A dreamy Sheriff, a handsome lawyer, and a crazed killer weren’t exactly the summer plans Cassie had dreamed of.
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