Pitch Your Book to Ella Marie Shupe, Literary Agent of Belcastro Agency – 2020 Sweetheart Pitchfest

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Ella Marie Shupe, Literary Agent of Belcastro Agency

Currently looking for

 Adult fiction — Mysteries, Thrillers/Suspense, Science Fiction, Fantasy, General Fiction
We love fiction with superb writing and a voice that jumps off the page. A twisted or colorful plot that compels us to keep reading is a must.

We look for a unique voice and a strong protagonist that a reader can relate to whether it be commercial or literary. We like dark and intense, but we won’t turn away something that’s a little on the lighter side. We enjoy a touch of humor when the genre demands it. Profound young adult with a strong male or female protagonist is a must. A thought-provoking read, big writing, an entertaining story line, and a fast pace will get our attention.

Within Mystery, we are particular interested in cozy mysteries, domestic suspense, private investigators, trillers within series potential and stories featuring women sleuths and police procedure. As for Romance, we are looking for fresh takes on romance tropes, strong, savvy heroines, witty dialogue, stories with series potential, romantic comedies and rural, small town settings. Tule is always seeking diverse stories that feature diverse characters written by diverse authors.

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About Ella Marie

Ella Marie has been a literary agent since 2008. She was drawn to helping authors achieve their dreams after she studied English at Youngstown State University. She realized her biggest joy was recommending new books to fellow college students. She turned her dream into a career when she became a junior agent with the Belcastro Agency. As an agent, Ella Marie has discovered many new authors and she soon became a senior agent. She continues her hunt for new manuscripts with a voice that jumps off the page and a colorful plot. Her main goal is nurturing a collaborative relationship that will lead to publication and long lasting writing careers.

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  • Title: Heart of Wings and Fire. Book 1.
  • Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance. New Adult.
  • Length: 87,000 words
  • Author: Samantha Kately

Ryden Reapling has a rare gift for stealing light, and his newest assignment is to steal dayshifter Harlow. From the moment he senses her, Harlow’s spirit is intoxicating. As a shapeshifting butterfly she is almost impossible to catch. But the Dark Court has given its orders. Ryden must obey.

Taking her chance at freedom, she must test abilities she’s feared for too long. Little does she know, Ryden will do anything to set her free, even enlisting the help of her first love and paranormal detective Braegan. With magical folk being abducted from the city streets and the truce between the Dark Court and the Bright Court fraying, is she truly safe anywhere? Braegan has secrets binding him to the Bright Court. And Ryden, his loyalty is undecided.
  • Title: Chasing Starlight. Book 1.
  • Genre: Young Adult - Urban Fantasy/ Paranormal romance
  • Length: 80,000 words
  • Author: Samantha Kately

Someone keeps calling to Ash; its almost her name but not quite.

Ashala...Keenan says in her mind, knowing that if she answers he will find her at last, then whisk her away to his desolate world with hopes of breaking his deadly curse.

Alrund and Will must stop that from happening, even if it means stealing the memories of the girl they love so she never learns who she is, that she has inherited a destiny that would see her fight in a war that has been raging for eons, a war which began when the Angels of Fate cast the first rivals - one chaos, the other starlight.
Title: The Pawn
Genre: romantic suspense
Word count: 105,000
Author: Marissa Garner

A young woman is trapped as an unwitting pawn in a life-and-death chess match of intrigue, murder, and seduction as the FBI chases a money launderer and a drug cartel kingpin. In a shadowy world where nothing is what it seems, she’s deceived and manipulated by both the king and the knight. When the FBI agent confronts her with the truth about the mayhem enveloping her, will he have to sacrifice the pawn to win the game?

Thank you for participating in the SavvyAuthors Sweetheart Pitchfest.
Title: The Elf's Tale
Genre: Fantasy
Length: 85,000
Author: Paul DeLeo

Elfy has the perfect relaxed and carefree life cozy at home 5000 feet up in his Great Tree. Being reminded of a forgotten debt to friend Toad shames him to action. Later a strange woman made of silver fire introduces herself to Elfy and asks for help bringing her father back to life.

Elfy's mentor Duke repeatedly bonks him on the head with a wooden sword while lessons and knowledge are shared. Elfy passes Duke's test to become the Ronin Elf and goes on to explore ancient mysteries deep in the sea and into space. Over time Elfy is consumed with discovering the origin of the Great Trees and the journey of the Elves to their new home.

Each chapter is devoted to a theme of personal growth, from honoring debts, making sacrifices for friends, to keeping one's promises. Elfy grows and changes from making the effort to reflect on what he's seen or been taught while helping new friends solve their problems.
    Dear Paul,
    Thank you for pitching to me. Your story sounds interesting. Please follow the instructions on my pitch page and submit to me through my submit a story button on Belcastro Agency's website.
    Ella Marie Shupe
    Belcastro Agency
Title: FutureKing

Genre: Sci-Fi

Length: 110,000 words

Author: Anya Josephs

The world has fallen into a second Dark Age, where women are exploited and abused for their magical power to control the magical technological relics of the past. Into this bleak world, King Arthur is reborn. He must save the world again, but this time the battle isn’t on the field of war, but in the hearts of the men he leads.
Title: Retail Delight
Genre: Romance/Thriller/Suspense
Length: 40,000
Author: Tiffany Taylor

Terry is a hardworking woman who just got out of a complicated relationship when she meets the lover of her dreams, or so she thinks. Terry tries to cope with her lover but soon becomes too overwhelmed. Terry’s lover refuses to leave and creates turmoil in her next relationship.
Title: Aunt Two Lips Takes a Powder
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Length: 65,000
Author: Rhonda M. Hall

Sara’s aunt was murdered, and her uncle set her up for the crime. Her husband’s mistress wants her in jail. She’s got to keep her family intact and find the killer before the police close in.
Title: The Mermaid Queen
Genre: General Fiction
Length: 84,000
Author: Rhonda M. Hall

Michaela desperately wants to get a job so she can provide for her unborn child, unfortunately, her nitwit boyfriend just set her up as his accomplice in a string of ongoing armed robberies. She’s got to keep the job, and stay away from the boyfriend before they both end up in jail.
Title: Air Conditioning is Ruining America
Genre: General Fiction
Length: 88,000
Author: Rhonda M. Hall

Charlie O’Leary was born without a uterus. Her best friend has a baby by the town twerp and abandons the child. Now, Charlie must find her and give the baby back before she gets attached to him.
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