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Finch Books is the place for YA romance – sweet, coming of age, finding a voice and a place in the world, and someone to share it with. We’re open to all genres of YA romance including paranormal, urban fantasy and realistic fiction.

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We were established back in 2006 and we’ve been busy producing and supplying the very best fiction in the market ever since. Our flagship publishing house, Totally Bound Publishing, has been offering romantic and erotic romance titles for eight years. With an author base of more than four hundred talented authors and a loyal reader base in the US and the UK and increasing around the world, we release up to ten brand-new and totally irresistible titles each week, and are growing at a fantastic pace.

The Totally Entwined Group is known for innovation, passion, publishing excellence and quality, and offers the best stimulation for the imagination. The team at Totally Entwined provide a unique service to our authors and readers. We are a royalty paying, full-service Publisher. This means that there are no fees to the author to become published with us. Brought together by a mutual love of outstanding fiction, we offer a mass of business experience in the form of editors, artists, marketers, IT technicians, international rights and support staff to meet all of your needs.
We love what we do and are totally dedicated and committed to providing the best service that we can to our authors and our readers. Totally Entwined Group comprises three publishing imprints – Totally Bound Publishing (erotic romance fiction), Pride Publishing (LGBT fiction) and Finch Books (Young Adult fiction), publishing over 350 authors internationally.

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Title: The Number less
Genre: young adult contemporary fantasy
Length: 90,000 words
Author: Sheena Spaleny

Seventeen year old Jenna wants to escape herself and her ability to see deathdays, by running away from her mom and her friends, and their deathdays. Along the way she meets Tank, who is the first person she's ever met to not have a number. As Jenna starts to uncover more about her abilities, she realizes that who she chooses to be can come at a cost.
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  • Title: Daughter of a Curse
  • Genre: YA Fantasy Fairy Tale Retelling
  • Length: 107,000 words
  • Author: JR White

There’s only ever been one rule: never leave the forest. When Grimm defiantly breaks that rule, her world comes crashing down around her and she learns of her family's curse, the one that will claim her life on her 18th birthday if she can’t find a way to break it.
Title: Sophie's face
Genre: Romance seeking a place in the world
Length: 62,324 words
Author: PG Barker

Sophie Haasbroek has an irremovable scar of her face which she sees as an obstacle to achieving her dream of becoming a model or attracting the attention of Brett an attractive work associate. A set of circumstances set put Sophie on a path to connecting with Brett. Brett is able to assist her in her desire to be a model, however, he says very little about his past. What is there in Bret's past that will affect Sophie, and will circumstances enable her to achieve her dreams.

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Title: The Firsts and Faves of Eva & Alex
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Young Adult, Dual-POV
Length: 79,000
Author: Tonya Preece

High school senior, Eva covets her anonymity in a family full of celebrities, but when she meets a college freshman named Alex and can’t get the hot cowboy off her mind, she takes a chance at getting closer to him. Alex, who needs to focus on recovering from academic probation, can’t stop thinking of Eva either and isn’t daunted by her unconventional life. When his ex-girlfriend teams up with a celebrity gossip reporter hell-bent on revealing Eva’s identity, secrets push Eva and Alex apart until they must face the truth together or let their feelings for each other be swept away by the media storm.
Title: The Banshee's Kiss
Genre: YA #ownvoices Urban Fantasy
Length: 69000 words
Author: AJ Clay

Sion's just broken up with her girlfriend, so when she meets the charming Flora on a night out in an Edinburgh bar, Sion can't believe her luck. There's just one problem: Flora's a banshee, and Sion's at the top of her hit list. When death starts to touch her friends and family, Sion must discover if Flora will defy her boss for a human – or whether her love is really to die for.
Title: Flashes of Fire
Genre: YA Own Voices Contemporary Fantasy/Romance
Length: 90,000 words
Author: Liz Love

A determined student is befriended by a professor who reveals she is so much more than just another college freshman. Stella Jones is the reincarnated titaness Astria, and quite possibly the only hope they both have against a stalking, vengeful Zeus. When her new friends are threatened and worse, will she be able to learn how to channel her power to save them, or will fate win out once again in this lifetime?
  • Title: Life After Death
  • Genre: YA Paranormal
  • Length: 85,000 words
  • Author: Jennifer Adams
After spending the last year dating the Grim Reaper and working as his Soul Bounty Hunter to return escaped souls back to Limbo, Pepper Watts has decided it's time to find a normal boyfriend and a normal job. But when an evil soul named Cain starts sending his minions after her, she teams up with a pacifist liaison to Hell and a barbaric liaison to Heaven in order to capture Cain and send him back to Limbo.
TITLE: Heavy Matter
GENRE: YA; Realistic Fiction #ownvoices Romance (Heroine and author are latina)
LENGTH: 70,000
AUTHOR: Jayne Colridge

Lacy Ramirez had thought that her best friend, Luke Grant, would always be there for her. But when he tells her he's going to join the Peace Corps after graduation, she realizes she's been ignoring the love that's been before her the whole time. Now Lacy's in a wild cross-country race against time to keep Luke from heading abroad and giving up on the best thing, in her opinion, that's ever happened to either of them. But does Luke return her feelings? And is the love Lacy's looking for right there - in her - after all?
  • Title: Dear Me
  • Genre: YA Fantasy Romance
  • Length: 60,000 words
  • Author: Sandra Panting
With high school graduation drawing near, Megan isn't happy that many of her high school goals were never realized. So she complains to her younger self in a diary and gets a response. Megan and her younger self soon begin to plot how to change the outcome of her senior year, but things grow more complicated. And time doesn't like to be changed.
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