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Hannah VanVels, Literary Agent at Corvisiero Literary Agency

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First and foremost, I’m building an inclusive list with a variety of voices and genres. I love working with #OwnVoices authors, and I’m looking for voices from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. I’m looking for all genres of picture books, middle grade, YA, and graphic novels. In the adult space, I love horror, fantasy, romantic comedies, and chick lit.

About Hannah

Hannah VanVels is a literary agent with Corvisiero Literary Agency, freelance editor, and writer. Before making the jump to agenting and freelancing, she was the acquiring editor at a YA imprint at HarperCollins. Her life is consumed by all things books, and when she’s not working on books, she can usually be found curled up with a good book and a good cup of coffee. She lives in Michigan with her partner, two German shepherds, and two cats.

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Genre: PB
Length: 365
Author: Michele Ziemke

When the bandaids go on strike, the imaginative Doctor Lylah must find a way to end this walkout before she needs a bandage for a real boo-boo! In the same vein as The Day the Crayons Quit, the bandaids use protest posters to reveal their true feelings.
Title: The Barton Brothers of Alaska Book 1
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Contemporary Romance
Length: 75,000 words
Author: Angela Evans

What’s more dangerous than running a remote Alaskan hunting lodge with your five brothers? Falling in love again with the woman who broke your heart, especially when there’s a murderer after her. Melanie knows that love is a trap she has no intention of falling into, that’s why when he proposed she took off to chase her career. But now, here she is in Alaska which feels like the safest and most dangerous place to be.
Title: The Westwood Witch
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy
Length: approximately 66,700 words
Author: Katarina Brownell

When her best friend is kidnapped by an Enchanter, student witch Cass Cricket must go on a quest to save him. Unfortunately, due to a magical backfire, she must do so while invisible.
Thank you for your consideration.
Title: Funny Bunny
Genre: Picture Book
Length: 483 words
Author: Judy Sobanski

Funny Bunny is a stand-up comedian who keeps the forest fauna in stitches…all except Bear, who is furious at being the butt of Funny Bunny’s jokes. When Bear decides Funny Bunny should make his farewell performance as Bear’s dinner, Funny Bunny must find a way to literally get out of the stew he’s in and mend his friendship with Bear.
Genre: MG - Low, ages 8-12
Length: 21000
Author: Michele Ziemke

This time the blue station wagon took Laurel to Beaufort, South Carolina military base. Having to move every few years make unique challenges for military children. Written as an #ownvoice, set in the 70’s, Laurel‘s true goal is to save money to buy a German Shepard puppy, but also navigate new friendships, shady decisions, and the neighborhood bully who is the son of her daddy’s commanding officer.
Genre: PB, fiction, rhyming
Length: 540
Authors: Dea Brayden and Lindsay Ellis

Haunted by rotten weather on Halloween, a young girl throws costume after costume in the reject pile because bundling up ruins each one. Almost out of time and ideas, she conjures up a plan to break THE COSTUME CURSE.
Genre: PB, fiction
Length: 560
Authors: Dea Brayden and Lindsay Ellis

Martha, an unchickeny chicken, just wants is to fit in with the flock, but her horsey side always freaks out new feathered friends. When a fox crashes a birthday party at the coop, Martha learns sometimes it takes standing out to fit in.
Title: Rock Stars Don’t Nap
Genre: Humorous Picture Book
Length: 320 Words
Author: Jason Perkins

From the day he was born, Jimmy’s righteous wails rocked his Mother’s world. But when a disagreement over nap time causes a rift between the two, Jimmy must give his most epic performance ever. Otherwise, his rocking days are over.
Title: Hollow Ground
Genre: YA, SciFi
Length: 109,000 words
Author: J. W. Parr

17yo Jenson is a bottom-class slave living in the desolate Underground, while Analeigh is a high-class tech genius from the utopian Overworld. After he witnesses a murder, and her boyfriend is abducted, they must infiltrate a military base in a search & rescue mission, or else forfeit their lives to their dictatorial leaders forever. Forced together by fate, Jensen and Analeigh must overcome their societal distrusts and boundaries if they ever wish to take control of their futures.
  • Title: Heart of Wings and Fire. Book 1.
  • Genre: Urban Fantasy. New Adult.
  • Length: 87,000 words
  • Author: Samantha Kately

Ryden Reapling has a rare gift for stealing light, and his newest assignment is to steal dayshifter Harlow. From the moment he senses her, Harlow’s spirit is intoxicating. As a shapeshifting butterfly she is almost impossible to catch. But the Dark Court has given its orders. Ryden must obey.

Taking her chance at freedom, she must test abilities she’s feared for too long. Little does she know, Ryden will do anything to set her free, even enlisting the help of her first love and paranormal detective Braegan. With magical folk being abducted from the city streets and the truce between the Dark Court and the Bright Court fraying, is she truly safe anywhere? Braegan has secrets binding him to the Bright Court. And Ryden, his loyalty is undecided.
TITLE: The Lying Kind

GENRE: Young YA SciFi/Fantasy

LENGTH: 100,000

AUTHOR: Rixby Elliot

An own-voice novel in the vein of The Magicians meets afro-futurist Black Mirror meets international myths as told by Lemony Snicket

Imogen, a 12yo Nigerian girl with the power of stars, stumbles into the position of choosing the god that rules her world, These gods are revolutionaries, activists, and promise to bring equality and utopia to Imogen's world at all costs. Unfortunately, one of those costs could be a war that threatens to destroy the world before this utopia ever comes. Will Imogen take a chance on a god, or lie her way to ending them altogether?
Title: Queen of All
Genre: YA Fantasy
Length: 75,000 words
Author: Anya Josephs

After a whirlwind romance, Jena’s best friend Sisi is about to marry the king. To make her dreams come true, Jena has to find the magic hidden in the royal library. There are just two problems with that: Jena can’t read, and she’s in love with Sisi herself.
Title: The Elf's Tale
Genre: Fantasy
Length: 85,000
Author: Paul DeLeo

Elfy has the perfect relaxed and carefree life cozy at home 5000 feet up in his Great Tree. Being reminded of a forgotten debt to friend Toad shames him to action. Later a strange woman made of silver fire introduces herself to Elfy and asks for help bringing her father back to life. Elfy's mentor Duke repeatedly bonks him on the head with a wooden sword while lessons and knowledge are shared. Elfy passes Duke's test to become the Ronin Elf and goes on to explore ancient mysteries deep in the sea and into space. Over time Elfy is consumed with discovering the origin of the Great Trees and the journey of the Elves to their new home.

Each chapter is devoted to a theme of personal growth, from honoring debts, making sacrifices for friends, to keeping one's promises. Elfy grows and changes from making the effort to reflect on what he's seen or been taught while helping new friends solve their problems.
Title: FutureKing

Genre: Sci-Fi

Length: 110,000 words

Author: Anya Josephs

The world has fallen into a second Dark Age, where women are exploited and abused for their magical power to control the magical technological relics of the past. Into this bleak world, King Arthur is reborn. He must save the world again, but this time the battle isn’t on the field of war, but in the hearts of the men he leads.
Title: Retail Delight
Genre: Romance/Thriller/Suspense
Length: 40,000
Author: Tiffany Taylor

Terry is a hardworking woman who just got out of a complicated relationship when she meets the lover of her dreams, or so she thinks. Terry tries to cope with her lover but soon becomes too overwhelmed. Terry’s lover refuses to leave and creates turmoil in her next relationship.
Title: Ghosty Roasty
Genre: Picture Book
Length: 498 Words
Author: Judith Forde and Elliot Forde

Roasty looks like a rooster but doesn't sound like one. The hens laugh when they hear his ghosty sounding crow. But, when Slinky the Fox comes prowling and there is an accident with some flour, could Roasty's ghosty crow help save them all?
Title: Iggy Crane: The Case of the Missing Neck Bolt
Genre: Chapter book, mystery/fantasy
Length: 7500
Author: Rena Traxel

A mystery is brewing in Monster Hollow and Young Iggy Crane must find Franko Stein’s missing bolt in time to save their science fair project. Can Iggy follow in her great uncles sleuthing footsteps, or will she prove to be nothing but a fraud! Nancy Drew: Clues Crew meets Sleepy Hollow.
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