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Pitch Your Book to Lydia Sharp, Editor & Acquisitions Manager, Entangled Publishing – 2020 Sweetheart Pitchfest

*Pitch opens: February 12 2020 9:00am*
Pitch closes: February 14, 2020 11:59pm*   

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Lydia Sharp, Editor & Acquisitions Manager, Entangled Publishing

Young Adult, New Adult, Adult

Entangled Publishing



Currently looking for: Young adult, new adult, and adult.

In Young Adult: ANY genre with romance.

In New Adult: contemporary romance, sci-fi romance, urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

In Adult: contemporary romance, sci-fi romance, urban fantasy and paranormal romance, historical romance, upmarket women’s fiction with or without romance, high-concept thrillers with little to no romance.

Also seeking lead characters with minority identities in all of the above.

About Lydia:

Lydia Sharp is a Senior Editor for Entangled Publishing, the Acquisitions Manager, and Assistant Publisher. Since joining Entangled in 2013, Lydia has worked with authors who are New York Times bestsellers and USA Today bestsellers, as well as helped several debut authors see their dream of being published come true. Lydia is continually on the lookout for new authors and fresh voices to add to Entangled’s list, and would especially love to see more diversity in submissions.

About Entangled Publishing:

Entangled Publishing is an independent publisher of romantic fiction, in the adult, new adult, and young adult markets, distributed by Macmillan. Since its first release in 2011, Entangled has grown to thirteen imprints, with titles appearing on the USA Today Bestsellers list and the New York Times Bestsellers list, as well as recipients of various literary awards. Every month, Entangled releases several titles in digital-first format and selective titles in simultaneous print and digital formats. Our books are available at major online retailers around the world, and we have a joint partnership with St. Martin’s Press that enables us to showcase a select number of books in mass-market paperback. Many of our titles are also released in audio format. Our marketing team prides itself on thinking outside of the box while remaining sharp, savvy, and connected. Every book we publish receives a unique, custom-tailored marketing plan that we revisit regularly to ensure continued sales. We are actively seeking diverse authors and diverse books across all imprints, and we look forward to reading your stories.

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Genre: Science Fiction with Romance
Length: 68 000 words
Author: Sevannah Storm

E.T. was propaganda; the aliens are hostile, plundering Earth’s core and using humans as disposable hazmat suits. Mel was happy to hide, but when those alien bastards take her father, she joins the Resistance to save him. Despite her talent for survival, she becomes a pawn in a life-or-death game she never signed up for.
#YA #R #SF #PA
Genre: Adult Sci-fi Romance
Length: 89,000 words
Author: Jess K Hardy

‪For Sunny, life as a hospitality specialist on her interstellar pleasure cruise means no strings attached. When her epic one-night stand joins her crew; throwing extravagant balls, matchmaking guests, and outsmarting space pirates is a snap compared to following her heart.‬ When he turns out to be more than a simple, steamy hook-up, she’ll have to decide whether to stay in her own orbit, or risk it all for love.‬
Contemporary Romance
Length: 50K
Author: Victoria PInder

Fake Date
Linda goes to a charity male auction to buy the hottest guy there for a night. She's invited to the 'engagement party of the year' from her former sorority sister and she's not going alone. But she didn't expect her 'man of the hour' was the groom's best friend.
Title: One Man’s Salvation (Book one of six in Havoc Security Series)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 60,000 words
Author: ML Uberti

Charlie had left a cheating, conniving fiancé and her identity stealing mother behind to look for solace and comfort in her grandfather’s old home, tucked away in a small Pennsylvanian town. With loud, obnoxious neighbors, a dilapidated house falling down around her ears and debt her mom and ex racked up that seemed insurmountable, the last thing she expected was to become smitten with a sexy, ex-Army Ranger who owns his own security firm in town; Liam Havoc is sex personified, and their chemistry is off the charts -- but when the past comes to visit, both of them are thrown for a loop – then present collides to throw up even more chaos in their way. Can their romance withstand the storms swirling around them, past and present – or will they end up broken-hearted, battered and alone?
Title: LadyBug Rebelution
Genre: Upmarket Women's Fiction
Length: 78,500 words
Author: PJ Colando

Ex-con AMY BREEDEN has a problem but becoming an instant millionaire isn't it. Will she pursue the goal, formulated during her 2000 days of incarceration, and take down the dude who got her locked up? Or will she embrace her post-prison mentors' advice that 'living well is the best revenge'?
The Haunting on Palm Court
Paranormal Suspense, with romantic elements
70,000 words
Stephanie Edwards

Plus-sized beauty Blake reunites with her first love, Clint, among the Spanish-moss-draped oaks in coastal South Carolina. As their relationship develops, her late fiancé’s malevolent spirit threatens their HEA. Just as Parker didn’t give her due credit in life, his spirit doesn’t anticipate her will to fight, her inherited gifts and her receiving help from an unexpected source.
Title: Biological Instinct
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 51,000
Author: M.A. Freeman

Melanie Radcliff and Liam Patton are a mismatch made in heaven; she’s a pushy editor for a nature magazine and he’s a camera-shy wildlife photographer. Meeting on vacation after some manipulation from each others’ respective found families, their budding romance takes a turn for the worse when they’re kidnapped by a shady organization that has been experimenting on humans. An organization that has an interest in a bond formed outside their trials by former subject Liam and a suspiciously normal Melanie.
  • Title: The Price of Duty (Series: Powers and Principalities)
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Length: 40,700 words
  • Author: Fiona M Marsden
Prince Udo desperately needs to save his small principality with an arranged marriage to an heiress, but his heart is with his first love. Without realising they are the same person, he makes Gemma a proposition, withdrawn immediately, that breaks her heart. Gemma can’t forget his momentary lapse of honour and determines this marriage will be one of convenience rather than love.
Thankyou for the opportunity.
Contemporary romance
78,000 words
Jennifer Wilck

Meg Thurgood is finally free after she was falsely imprisoned for a crime she didn't commit. Simon McAlter has hidden away since a fire killed his family and left him scarred. When Meg rents his guesthouse, she teaches him to love again, but will that love survive when he learns her secret?
Title: A Wing and a Prayer
Genre: WW2 Saga/Historical
Length: 110,000 words
Author: Mick Arnold

The Air Transport Auxiliary Murder Club; four ladies of the Air Transport Auxiliary bond over solving the mystery of who was responsible for the death of one’s sister. Battling both internal forces and those of the country’s mutual enemies, the women find that both love and dangers are cousins cut from the same ilk. This is a sweeping story of love, death and betrayal set against the backdrop of war when ties of friendship are exceptionally strong.

Thank you very much for your time.
  • Title: When Two Worlds Collide (Book 1 of the White Rune Series)
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance w/Paranormal aspects
  • Length: 99,647 words (Completed)
  • Author: Jan Sikes
Jag Peters has one goal in his quiet comfortable life ― to keep his karma slate wiped clean. A near-miss crash with Rena Jett, a troubled dark-haired beauty on a Harley, upends his safe world and propels him toward a matchmaking ghost that only he can see. Is there the slightest chance the White Rune that arrives in a letter contains potent magic, that opposites can find common ground, or perhaps even love?
Title: True North
Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance
Length: 86,000 words
Author: Aria Wyatt

Fate deals Aussie actor, Wes Emerson, a wildcard with the snarky NYC nurse who crashes his guys trip. Lena Hamilton never expects to find herself stranded in the Alaskan wilderness with the panty-melter whose cocky charisma is exactly what her guarded heart does NOT need. Can they withstand the elements and find their True North in each other?
Title: Shadows in the Ferns
Genre: Adult Romantic Suspense
Length: 67,000 words
Author: DM Shepard

Jade’s world comes unraveled on an Alaska mountainside when her best friend is murdered the day before her wedding. As the truth behind Anna’s lies comes to light, Jade will find that the Midnight Sun casts a long shadow.
Title: A Drink of Darkness
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Length: 76,000 words
Author: DM Shepard

Interview with the Vampire meets from Dusk til Dawn
Widowed Whiskey-girl Helena watches the body count rise in Dawson in the winter of 1898. An invisible evil is mining the Klondike and Hell has broken loose in the Yukon. The Drink of Darkness is to die for.
Title: Beechwood
Genre: Adult Historical Mystery/ Romance/ Low Fantasy
Word Count: 94,000
Author: Ella Kay

When truth of her inheritance surfaces, Donna comes to the old seaside estate with no memory of the woman who willed it to her, but eager to escape a manipulative mother and years of confinement after a mysterious childhood accident.

Charged with looking after the sheltered heiress, love-struck tenant Henry must ignore his deeper feelings and the strange sense they’ve somehow met before.

But when she begins sleepwalking, plagued by gruesome nightmares pointing to the estate’s tragic history, a mythic legacy unfolds, and it seems the past, like their otherworldly attraction, refuses to stay buried.
Title: Hunter
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 70,000 words
Author: P Crake

Lycan marshal, Mackenzie, has two things on her to-do list: 1. Rescue her kidnapped sister; 2. Kill the werewolf responsible, Legend. Except, Legend is lying in her bed swearing he knows nothing about it.
Title: The Missing Memories of Cordy O’Reilly
Genre: Contemporary (w/ Romance), Young Adult
Length: 72,000
Author: Tonya Preece

Cordy’s plan to work publicity at a pop punk music festival hangs in the balance when panic attacks of the explosion that killed her dad lead to sleep deprivation. A therapist recommends Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, which sounds like hocus pocus to Cordy, but at least she meets a hot guy named Gino in the waiting room. As Cordy and Gino bond over music and a shared tragedy, her therapy brings memories to the surface that, until she faces truths about herself and the father she idolized, could cause everything she’s worked for crash and burn.
Title: Lost in LA
Genre: Contemporary Romance (fake relationship trope)
Length: 85,000 words
Author: Amy Craig

Wylie’s beachside yoga practice feels like the California dream, but an eviction notice sends her scrambling for a new apartment and a job with benefits. Food vendor Nolan offers to rent her a room, but an impromptu kiss proves she wants more than a side of fries from him. Knowing she can’t handle a relationship, she pretends to be his girlfriend to mask her feelings and help him close the deal on a commercial kitchen, but their rules don’t mention Nolan’s secrets or the allure of building a partnership to fulfill more than their dreams.
Title: Glints on Snow
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Adventure
Length: 66,000
Author: Aurora Whittet Best

GLINTS ON SNOW is HIS DARK MATERIALS meets THE DARK CRYSTAL in a young adult, fantasy adventure that infuses North American mythology with a mother and daughters survival in the post-apocalyptic Dakota Badlands. ENA and her mom are the last nymphs VALAK needs to sacrifice to become immortal and he gets dangerously close when he captures her mom taking her to his kingdom to begin the ritual. With Ena's long-lost love JAAK under Valak's mind-control she must learn to trust him as she battles her way across the Badlands against Valak’s beast legion to rescue her mom before Valak drains her mom of her life and magic.
Title: Beneath the Destiny Stone
Genre: Time-slip RomCom
Length: 120,000
Author: Sarah Charles

Fiona always wanted to open her own bar; she just never expected she'd be doing it in medieval Scotland after being pushed through a time-portal. Nor did she imagine being hunted down by time-soldiers, or falling in love with a grumpy blacksmith who's more stubborn than she is. But Fiona's ready for the challenge, even if the medieval world isn't ready for her.