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Pitch Your Book to Lydia Sharp, Editor & Acquisitions Manager, Entangled Publishing – 2020 Sweetheart Pitchfest

*Pitch opens: February 12 2020 9:00am*
Pitch closes: February 14, 2020 11:59pm*   

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Lydia Sharp, Editor & Acquisitions Manager, Entangled Publishing

Young Adult, New Adult, Adult

Entangled Publishing



Currently looking for: Young adult, new adult, and adult.

In Young Adult: ANY genre with romance.

In New Adult: contemporary romance, sci-fi romance, urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

In Adult: contemporary romance, sci-fi romance, urban fantasy and paranormal romance, historical romance, upmarket women’s fiction with or without romance, high-concept thrillers with little to no romance.

Also seeking lead characters with minority identities in all of the above.

About Lydia:

Lydia Sharp is a Senior Editor for Entangled Publishing, the Acquisitions Manager, and Assistant Publisher. Since joining Entangled in 2013, Lydia has worked with authors who are New York Times bestsellers and USA Today bestsellers, as well as helped several debut authors see their dream of being published come true. Lydia is continually on the lookout for new authors and fresh voices to add to Entangled’s list, and would especially love to see more diversity in submissions.

About Entangled Publishing:

Entangled Publishing is an independent publisher of romantic fiction, in the adult, new adult, and young adult markets, distributed by Macmillan. Since its first release in 2011, Entangled has grown to thirteen imprints, with titles appearing on the USA Today Bestsellers list and the New York Times Bestsellers list, as well as recipients of various literary awards. Every month, Entangled releases several titles in digital-first format and selective titles in simultaneous print and digital formats. Our books are available at major online retailers around the world, and we have a joint partnership with St. Martin’s Press that enables us to showcase a select number of books in mass-market paperback. Many of our titles are also released in audio format. Our marketing team prides itself on thinking outside of the box while remaining sharp, savvy, and connected. Every book we publish receives a unique, custom-tailored marketing plan that we revisit regularly to ensure continued sales. We are actively seeking diverse authors and diverse books across all imprints, and we look forward to reading your stories.

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Title: Prophecy’s Promise

Genre: Romance – Paranormal (with series potential)

Length: 90,000 words

Author: Erin Parisien

Charlotte's new psychic powers mean she's a highly coveted Oracle, at least according to the serious—and far too fascinating—Kaden, who insists he's not stalking her although he's always right there. Charlotte's abilities have also caught the attention of a powerful warlock who'll do just about anything to claim the Oracle as his prize. Sparks ignite between Charlotte and Kaden when they're forced to flee to a safe house together, but when Kaden falls into the warlock's trap, each must decide how much they're willing to sacrifice for love.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Title: Wild Music
Genre: YA Contemporary with romance
Length: 90,000 words
Author: Patti J. Kurtz

Nina Barrow blames herself for the car crash two years ago that killed her boyfriend and the alpha wolf of the pack her father was trying to preserve. But her fragmented memory has hidden the truth from her. Now, she’s determined to find out the truth, even though it could put her, her new boyfriend, and her beloved wolves in grave danger.
Title: Other Duties As Assigned
Genre: WF/ Historical with romance
Length: 102,000
Author: Desiree Kendrick

The Undomestic Goddess hip-checks Where There’s A Will: Can Love Find The Way. Dani’s chasing her 80s dream job but a ‘hands-on’ boss steps on her ambition while macho boyfriends string her along. Confidence is the stiletto worth wearing but what’s a girl to do when nabbing the ideal job and perfect guy is harder than programming the VCR?

Many thanks for your consideration
Title: "dibs"
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 72,000 words
Author: Allison M. Hubbard

Wanted: translator for newly-divorced Olivia to properly interpret banter, signals, and body language from her male colleague. Must be able to stave off flirtation by Olivia’s perky blonde roommate and withstand hot tubs to 105˚F. Bring your own bourbon.
Title: A Crown of Wood and Fire
Genre: Young Adult Romantic Fantasy
Length: 98,000 words
Author: Riina Corrigan

In a kingdom where magical people's powers are repurposed for the military, a young heir must assume the throne when threatened with losing her beloved, gifted sister due to her guardian’s manipulations. But with foreign unrest brewing and their seas terrorized by a rogue pirate, the Councilors fear the young queen is a liability—especially when she barely escapes death by poison soon after her coronation. To earn their respect—and her own—Queen Ilarys sets out to broker negotiations with the mysterious pirate that don't go as planned, sending her on a journey that will expose extreme injustice that further threatens her sister and the entire kingdom, and leave even Ilarys wondering: does she have the moral strength to become the queen her country needs?
Title: The Boss (first of series)
Genre: Romantic Suspense (lgbtq)
Length: 78,000 words
Author: J Calamy

Being the smallest cog at the US Embassy in Singapore is a big step up from prison. Nick Erickson desperately wants to keep anyone from finding out his past. Falling for legless, opium-addicted crime boss Nelson Graves is not how to do that.
Title: Captured in Paint
Genre: YA Fantasy (with romantic elements)
Length: 65,000 words
Author: Ann Martin Miller

After her mom's death, seventeen-year-old Julia learns she can make paintings come to life with the power of her emotions. When her boyfriend Nick gets trapped in the mural she created, she must enter the wintry world and bring him home before it's painted over. But with a mysterious force keeping Nick tethered to the mural and the person responsible for her mom's death lurking in the shadows, Julia's love for Nick might not be enough to get him out of the painting alive.
Title: The Day of the Dice
Genre: NA Dystopian Romance (with series potential)
Length: 89,000 words
Author: Sophie Toovey

If Jane Austen wrote dystopia… It’s the future, but it feels like the past. An illegitimate girl turns 20 and wants to escape being paired for childbearing by sailing to a mystery island, but it’s not part of her plan to fall in love with the powerful boy who has chosen her. She doesn’t know if love is worth staying for, or how to convince him that she isn’t just playing a game.
Title: The Number less
Genre: young adult contemporary fantasy
Length: 90,000 words
Author: Sheena Spaleny

Seventeen year old Jenna wants to escape herself and her ability to see deathdays, by running away from her mom and her friends, and their deathdays. Along the way she meets Tank, who is the first person she's ever met to not have a number. As Jenna starts to uncover more about her abilities, she realizes that who she chooses to be can come at a cost.
Thank you.
Title: 1969
Genre: Thriller
Length: 75,000 words
Author: Liz S

The story of a group of young friends in a rural south coast village in England, UK, in 1969 and the events of their summer. The long, idyllic school holiday is interrupted when the younger brother of one of the friends goes missing and is later found dead. The death of the boy is ruled an accident by the adults, but the children are not so sure and start their own investigation. Told in the first person by Wendy, one of the children, at interwoven stages of her life.
Title: Dead Heat
Genre: Adult Sports-themed Romantic Suspense
Word count; 99,000

Pro snowboarder Sydney Chase trains for the Winter X-Games when she loses control of her snowboard. When ski patroller Alex Townsend, her former team mate and childhood friend, rescues her from the mountain, old resolved feelings ignites between them. As he investigates the nature of her fall, Sydney deals with early retirement, a social media troll tormenting her, and a violent threat from her past.
Clark, a local cop is dedicated to both his family and his job. Until he witnesses one to many people succumb to the dangers of drugs and the dangerous criminals who deal them. He vows to rid his town of both, no matter the cost.
  • Title: The Narc Behind The Badge
  • Genre: Fiction Police Procedural Romance
  • Length: 62,000 words
  • Author: Kari L Wood

Clark, a local cop is dedicated to both his family and his job. Until he witnesses one to many people succumb to the dangers of drugs and the dangerous criminals who deal them. He vows to rid his town of both, no matter the cost.
GENRE: Thriller
AUTHOR: Craig Hastings

The DC Beltway didn’t believe Chris and it destroyed his family. Now CIA comes begging for his help. but this provides him a chance at revenge for those who planned the attack. It means risking his life in Siberia a third time, but this time duty takes a back seat. This time it’s personal, but Siberia isn’t making it easy.
  • Title: Daughter of a Curse
  • Genre: YA Fantasy Fairy Tale Retelling
  • Length: 107,000 words
  • Author: JR White

There’s only ever been one rule: never leave the forest. When Grimm defiantly breaks that rule, her world comes crashing down around her and she learns of her family's curse, the one that will claim her life on her 18th birthday if she can’t find a way to break it.


Length: 75K

Author: Payton Frischhertz

JENSEN’S world ended 3 years ago—the night her mother jumped off the bridge.

Struggling to find a way to move forward with her life, she signs up for NEST, a group counseling program for teens, where Jensen spins a lie that might not only cost her a shot at recovery, it may end any chances she had with HOPE, the girl she’s falling for. Just when she thinks she has it figured out; things start to unravel—seems Jensen’s not the only one with a secret.

#ownvoices #f/f romance
Title: Chasing Yesterday
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 75,000 words
Author: Jacki Kelly

A man with no memory is on a mission to uncover his identity when a small shop owner asks him for help to save her failing business, the two of them face unexpected hurdles when pieces of his past threaten their future.
Title: What The Sea Returns
Genre: Adult - Romantic Suspense with historical and paranormal elements
Length: 76,000 words
Author: K.B.Luke

On the run from her past Justine finds refuge in a Victorian mansion on the New England coast, rescuing a man from drowning. He claims to have been shipwrecked—in the year 1849—but trapped by the weather she befriends the stranger, surprised by a sense of home and belonging she has never known. But nothing here is as it seems; not the house or grounds; not even the friendly sheepdog that has been her faithful companion. And as her old life catches up to her, Justine is faced with an impossible decision.
Title: The Romanov Legacy: A Novel
Genre: High-Concept Upmarket Women’s Fiction with Historical Romance and Thriller elements
Length: 50,000 words
Author: Marilyn Baron

Two women, born a century apart, fall in love with the wrong men, with disastrous consequences that could change the world. When a young, single mother discovers she’s descended from the last Tsar—Nicholas II—she becomes the best hope of a secret global society—Guardians of the Romanov Legacy—dedicated to restoring a Romanov to the Russian throne. Will she accept the sacrifices her birth demands and trust the estranged father of her child or turn her back on her heritage, her daughter’s legacy and the long line of women in her family who were keepers of the secret?
Title: The Quintessence of Dust
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Bookclub
Length: 103 000 words
Author: Sarah Schygulla

Robert’s ordered world is turned upside-down when he receives a life-changing diagnosis: he is HIV positive.
Marie had it all planned, but life hasn’t turned out the way she hoped. Years after her mother’s death, her estranged father tries to rekindle their relationship, and Marie’s life spins into disarray.
On a sleepless summer night, Marie and Robert meet, but if Robert is sure of one thing, it‘s that love isn‘t meant for him.

Comparable to Jojo Moyes Me Before You, Zoë Folbigg‘s The Note and Josie Silver‘s One Day in December.