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Totally Bound Publishing welcomes sexy, smart romance fiction in any subgenre. MF, MFM or more – we’re looking for reverse harem, bully romances, and super-steamy contemporary romances with unforgettable characters and romance that leaves you breathless. Stories of 10-100k, series also welcomed. Check out our publisher website below, for more information on specific seasonal collections.

About Totally Entwined Group:

We were established back in 2006 and we’ve been busy producing and supplying the very best fiction in the market ever since. Our flagship publishing house, Totally Bound Publishing, has been offering romantic and erotic romance titles for eight years. With an author base of more than four hundred talented authors and a loyal reader base in the US and the UK and increasing around the world, we release up to ten brand-new and totally irresistible titles each week, and are growing at a fantastic pace.

The Totally Entwined Group is known for innovation, passion, publishing excellence and quality, and offers the best stimulation for the imagination. The team at Totally Entwined provide a unique service to our authors and readers. We are a royalty paying, full-service Publisher. This means that there are no fees to the author to become published with us. Brought together by a mutual love of outstanding fiction, we offer a mass of business experience in the form of editors, artists, marketers, IT technicians, international rights and support staff to meet all of your needs.
We love what we do and are totally dedicated and committed to providing the best service that we can to our authors and our readers. Totally Entwined Group comprises three publishing imprints – Totally Bound Publishing (erotic romance fiction), Pride Publishing (LGBT fiction) and Finch Books (Young Adult fiction), publishing over 350 authors internationally.

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Title: Biological Instinct
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: 51,000
Author: M.A. Freeman

Melanie Radcliff and Liam Patton are a mismatch made in heaven; she’s a pushy editor for a nature magazine and he’s a camera-shy wildlife photographer. Meeting on vacation after some manipulation from each others’ respective found families, their budding romance takes a turn for the worse when they’re kidnapped by a shady organization that has been experimenting on humans. An organization that has an interest in a bond formed outside their trials by former subject Liam and a suspiciously normal Melanie.
Title: Lost in LA
Genre: Contemporary Romance (fake relationship trope)
Length: 85,000 words
Author: Amy Craig

Wylie’s beachside yoga practice feels like the California dream, but an eviction notice sends her scrambling for a new apartment and a job with benefits. Food vendor Nolan offers to rent her a room, but an impromptu kiss proves she wants more than a side of fries from him. Knowing she can’t handle a relationship, she pretends to be his girlfriend to mask her feelings and help him close the deal on a commercial kitchen, but their rules don’t mention Nolan’s secrets or the allure of building a partnership to fulfill more than their dreams.
Title: Between Heaven and Hell: A New Beginning
Genre: Adult Fantasy
Length: 118,000 words
Author: Arielle Irvine

The Southern Vampire Mysteries x The Percy Jackson Series

Twenty-five-years old and unaware of her own divinity, Ara Stanton is nearly slain one night after work. Terrified, she enlists her genius gay best friend, Emy, and her former co-worker and possible love interest, Kaile, to help her get answers and survive. However, when Ara meets the vampire Eli, her life will change forever. In the end, with a rag-tag team of supernaturals on her side, Ara will face off against the supernatural society hunting her… with a very slim chance of surviving.
Title: Courtesan of Constantinople
Genre: Adult Fantasy Romance
Length: 57,000 words
Author: Tina Holland

Courtesan of Constantinople - Laurel Gunn is a courtesan, a spy and not human. Like most fae she longs for freedom. When a madman kills one of her inner circle, she must find him before she loses everything.
Title: The Christmas Bride
Genre: Contemporary Holiday Romance
Length: 48,000
Author: Christy Jankowski

Emma Kimball’s safe, cozy life in New York City is crumbling beneath her feet but a promise she made to return to Vermont’s Christmas Inn for the holidays offers up an intriguing solution. There’s just one problem, the formidable Dr. Jake Cutter, known for getting his way both “in” and “out” of his OR, clearly has her in his sights…again. Mercy, will she be strong enough to resist him this time around…does she really want to?
Title: Gin’s Tonic
Genre: Multicultural-Contemporary Romance
Length: 75,000 words
Author: Olivia Owen #OwnVoices #POC #Diversity

Former workaholic and mother, Asian-American Gin, now has all the time in the world while holding two life insurance policies, and a tenuous grasp on her will to live.

Gin won’t talk about her past, and Roman can’t talk at all.

Spiraling from depression, Gin must war for both her sanity and heart, but how can she find happily ever after with the small-town hero if she can’t even be near his son without triggering a panic attack?

Thank you for your time and this opportunity for consideration.
Title: To Love Delilah
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 80,000 words
Author: Anna Yeatts

Faith, hope, and kink collide when professional Dominatrix Lilah Knox returns to her rural NC hometown and reunites with Eli, her childhood sweetheart… and the local Fundamentalist Pastor pledged to celibacy until marriage.

Will Lilah teach Eli to accept himself as a submissive male—and her as his Mistress? Or will past abuse, church politics, and deeply divided families tear them apart for good this time?
Mommabear February 12, 2020

Title: The Letter
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 75,000
Author: Debbie Desmarteau

After her husband’s death, Lindsey Thompson faces many unexpected challenges as she fights to hold together the mountain resort she inherited. Country music superstar Cody Richards can’t turn down a plea from her eight-year-old son when he sends him a letter asking him to come, hoping the publicity will help save his mother’s struggling business. Can Lindsey let go of the past to trust a famous singer, and can Cody come to grips with the true identity of Lindsey’s deceased husband?
Title: Cartel Continuum
Subtitle: The Search for Benton Miles
Genre: Mystery Romance
Length: 65,000
Author: Donald Diaz

Investigator Hector Rojas is charged with finding missing journalist Benton Miles, the son of a billionaire, who has disappeared while covering cartel violence in Mexico. Rojas is thrust into the superstitious and brutally violent cartel culture while finding unexpected romance with Benton's sister Meredith, a failed Hollywood actress, Together they navigate a warren of corruption, carnage and the occult that is intertwined in virtually every sector of present-day life in Mexico.
Title: Mysterious Places (Book 1)
Genre:paranormal Romance
Length:112,263 words
Author: Jennifer Wile

Doctors are always something a girl wants to take home to meet her parents, but a vampire, that was another story. Kidnapped and forced into their world, she wanted nothing more than to go home...that was until she wanted nothing more than to feel his body pressed up against hers.
Title: Mysterious Places (Book 1)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length:112,263 words
Author: Jennifer Wile

Doctors are always something a girl wants to take home to meet her parents, but a vampire, that was another story. Kidnapped and forced into their world, she wanted nothing more than to go home...that was until she wanted nothing more than to feel his body pressed up against hers.
Title: The Visiting Surgeon (Novella 1)
Genre: Erotic Romance
Length: 18,001 words
Author: Jennifer Wile

A new medical student, Jade, was just getting through school, while finding her panties wet every time she looked at her instructors. Thinking her excitement was a secret only she knew, she was caught daydreaming of a visiting Surgeon lecturer, and he wasn’t going to let her forget it. Next thing she knew, Jade was on his table, under his examining hands, under his control, under his mercy.
Become a Half Breed The Zura Starfire Chronicles
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Word Count: 141,000 words
Author: Michell Burgan

As if being a single mom wasn’t hard enough. Try adding being a shifter to the mix. Life hasn’t always been easy for 23-year-old Zura Starfire. Every inch of her life she’s had to fight for everything she has. She knew sorrow, she knew pain, she knew sacrifice. With all of it, she always survived, but that’s only the beginning. The beginning of a hell of a long story. A story that shows how Zura became two supernatural beings in one curvy sexy body.
Title: Seasons of the Past-- Storms of the Future
Genre: YA Contemporary
Length: 82,011 words
Author: Tiffanie Hutchings

With Chad, she was innocent, with Michael, she was obsessed, and with Devin, she was rebellious, but without knowing herself, she was lost! 14-year-old Christina struggles to find her identity once Michael is sent away, and her reckless behavior takes place. She must choose a path, for better or worse, before she fades into a life that has almost taken her completely -- the cops, the parties, and the love triangle was too much to deal with, yet it never felt more satisfying.
Title: "dibs"
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 72,000 words
Author: Allison M. Hubbard

Wanted: translator for newly-divorced Olivia to properly interpret banter, signals, and body language from her male colleague. Must be able to stave off flirtation by Olivia’s perky blonde roommate and withstand hot tubs to 105˚F. Bring your own bourbon.
Title: The Boss (first of series)
Genre: Romantic Suspense (lgbtq)
Length: 78,000 words
Author: J Calamy

Being the smallest cog at the US Embassy in Singapore is a big step up from prison. Nick Erickson desperately wants to keep anyone from finding out his past. Falling for legless, opium-addicted crime boss Nelson Graves is not how to do that.
Title: A Wolf Too Human
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Trope: Enemies to lovers
Length: 105,000 words
Author: P.E. Roberts

Air Force Captain Christine Gray is determined to get answers from the monsters that murdered her family, even if she has to torture those answers out, but the werewolf she and her team capture speaks sarcasm fluently in six languages, and he defiantly refuses to betray his people’s secrets.
Captain Gray wonders if the gentle werewolf is more human than she is – Is she on the wrong side? – when an ugly betrayal on a full moon night puts her life in his hands. To survive, they must fight together against the Alaskan winter and her own soldiers, now hunting them both.

First in series (MF first book, MM second book, MMF third book)
Title: Sorthare: Enter Stage Right
StarPlayers Universe
Genre: YA Space Fantasy
Length: 75,000
Author: Constance Key

Sorthare joins the StarPlayers rather than an arranged marriage. They are actors but also rescuers, assassins, or whatever is required to complete a mission. They are human with the usual foibles.
Title: First to Fall
Genre: Speculative erotic fiction
Length: 84,000 words
Author: Andrew Adams

In Adam’s divorce, he got to keep the Garden of Eden while Lilith got a forked tongue, an insatiable sex drive, and desire for revenge. Prof. Judy Feld’s new discovery of ancient documents reveal the tangled relationship and struggle for dominance—in more ways than one—as Lilith seduces and schemes her way to revenge against Adam, Eve, and their descendants, if she can successfully defy God’s will. And as Judy brings this new history to light, factions work to silence her and deny the discoveries as the fairy tale must prevail.
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