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Our books by our great instructors are crafted to provide you with actionable tips, tricks, and learnings to advance your writing career.

How to Write Fight Scenes

by Angela Knight

Angela Knight is the author of 50 novels, novellas, and e-books over a career spanning more than twenty years.

Are you struggling to write exciting fight scenes? This book will guide you in crafting explosive fights that keep your readers engaged.

How to Write a Funny Mystery

by Beth Daniels

Beth is the author of over 30 books and a great instructor!

There is nothing better than a hilarious murder mystery! So how exactly do they pull that off?

How to Write a Book Pitch

by Becky Martinez

Becky teaches our wildly popular Pitch Prep class!

Learn the elements of a short book pitch that will sell your story!

Creating a Great Villain

by Sue Viders and Becky Martinez

Sue and Becky have co-authored many craft books!

If there is no villain, there is no story. Sue and Becky describe methods to make your villains the terrifying matches for your great protagonists!