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Summer BootCamp Week 3 Results

The boot campers are barreling into our final week and we have the week 3 numbers for you!

Team Passion team still has the overall lead with KidLit a NOT EVEN CLOSE second!  Team Romance, and Team Mystery have one week left to make a play for 2nd place!

I can tell you that the sprint room has people every morning and evening furiously typing away to make those numbers and solidify a great, daily writing habit. If you have not dropped by to sprint then think about it. Remember, the key to being a writer is to WRITE.

Rank Team Name Total Words Average Words
1 Team Passion   346,114     2,958
 2 KidLit   139,115     1,618
 3 Team Romance    88,910     1,581
4 Mystery/Suspense    56,922     1,347


Check back next week for the final update!

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