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Discover Your “Chunk” to get that book done by Allie Pleiter

These days publishing has become as much about productivity as about product. Writers are expected to produce books faster than ever, while also handling a multitude of marketing (if not independent publishing) tasks.  How do you get those words out of your head to become the books you want to share with the world? Here’s …
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Classes Starting the Week of February 4

Special Events, Programs, and Webinars starting this week Special Event: Polish YOUR Sweetheart Pitch with Becky Martinez  WordWonders: Irene Roth’s Mentoring and Instruction Program for Writers  MENTORING: Prism Marketing – A Power Author Marketing System with Deb Magnus MENTORING: Writing the Thriller with Jacqueline Jacoby  See more!
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Keeping the Writing Going When Your Life is in Chaos by Allie Pleiter

In writing my book How to WRITE When Everything Goes WRONG, I spoke with many authors about how they tackle the challenge of meeting a deadline under far less than ideal circumstances. As you might think, the answer is as individual as every writer, but there have been some universal tactics I think are worth …
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4 Ways to Improve your Dialogue by Allie Pleiter

Dialogue is the powerhouse of your fiction writing. Well-done dialogue can engage your reader in a way that narrative can’t. It can highlight your unique voice, showcasing your wit and wisdom. It’s the single best way to help readers fall in love with your characters. Really, who doesn’t love Diana Gabaldon’s Jamie Fraser for his …