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Take a Walk on the Dark Side by Dr. Cynthia Lea Clark

Are there similarities between certain types of criminals? Do all serial killers have commonalities? Do arsonists have related rituals? TAKE A WALK ON THE DARK SIDE to get the answers to these questions and more!

The workshop is designed to look at the darker side of people and their behaviors. Yes, each of us, under the right circumstances, could be capable of such behavior! The course’s focus is particular groups of criminals, such as serial killers, mass murderers, white collar criminals, sociopaths, psychopaths, kidnappers, and more. The art of profiling is also discussed in detail.

Whether one is investigating a case or creating a crime in a book, one is profiling, designing the crime, thinking about the person who did it, how they did it, and maybe even why they did it. The clues provided are part of profiling. Is the crime at night or during the daytime? The time of day chosen tells something about the perpetrator; it is part of the puzzle. If there is a victim, the stats on the victim tell a story which will eventually lead to the “bad guy”. Was the house broken into, did the victim let the perpetrator in, or did they have a key? Are sliding doors or windows unlocked? Is anything missing? In the cases of serial killers, is something missing which may be what is referred to as the trophy. This item gives insight into the killer. Further exploration into serial killers and mass murderers will include the trigger. What was the inciting incident, event, or emotion that started the killing rampage? Getting into the mind of the perpetrator makes for a stronger, more real “bad guy.”

But making the profile is more than which room, city, or time, it consists of behaviors gleamed from the evidence or lack of evidence left behind by the “perp”. In the case of a serial killer, is the scene organized, disorganized, or in rare cases, a combination of both? Is the perp sociopathic, psychopathic, or the hybrid of the sociopath-psychopath? The arsonist, for example, tends to set fires for specific reasons, such as money, or for fun or pyromania (to name a couple.) The more we learn about our “perp,” the more real he/she will be in the fictional world, and in the real world, the easier he/she will be to catch.

TAKE A WALK ON THE DARK SIDE explores Cult Leaders, non-violent crimes, stalkers and more. Crimes range from violent to victimless.

One example from the course includes the “Jekyll/Hyde” Psychopath. As the name implies, he/she is two different people.  He/she tends to come on strong, and sweeps a person off their feet.  He/she may play the role of victim.  He may be the control freak that offers care.  These are false.  They are designed to reel his/her victims in and then become the monster he/she really is.  He/she has multiple relationships and victims at a time.

In the world of serial killers, the thrill killer kills for fun, sadism and excitement. The mass murderer that is a disgruntled employee may enter with a target in mind, but tends to kill randomly.  He/she is most often a long-term employee but can be a new one. Some killers choose murder over divorce. A terrorist can be part of large organization, a smaller one, or a lone wolf.

We explore the commonalities and the exceptions to the “rules” – because who doesn’t want to break the rules?

So, come with me and let’s together TAKE A WALK ON THE DARK SIDE.

[box] BIO

Dr. Cynthia Lea ClarkDr. Cynthia Lea Clark, Psy.D., Ph.D., MHt, was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She graduated from Northwestern with a BS in Communications/Psychology/Education. She then attended nursing school and became a firefighter paramedic.

While acting on many television shows such as DAYS OF OUR LIVES and STAT, she continued her education with a Masters and Doctorate of Psychology (Psy.D.). After a psychopath staked her, she helped author the California Privacy Law SB 262 which led to her working in Forensic Psychology with a specialty in stalking, serial killers, terrorism, and body language.

She has interviewed over 77 serial killers, mass murderers, and wrote the soon to be published book IN THE MIND OF A KILLER. She also co-founded CrimeInMind with former FBI agent Rae Monet.

Recently, she finished a second Masters and Ph.D. in psychology, this time with an emphasis on hypnosis and body language, lying, and persuasion.

She is certified in anger management as well is a certified trauma specialist.

Dr. Clark has taught classes in crime, terrorism, and body language. As an expert and Level 4 member of ACFEI Homeland Security, her opinion is frequently sought for both specific cases and expert opinion. In the past, this has included ACFEI’s Timeline of Terrorism,, The Examiner, Lifescript, RWA, and Jonathon Maberry’s book, Vampire Hunters and Other Enemies of Crimes.

She has authored the book I AM WE ARE, a book of prose that embraces of differences and celebrates of similarities available on Kindle.




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