Teach at the IndieCafe’

Teach at the IndieCafe’

Savvy Authors is looking for a few great instructors, presenters, and educators

You’ve worked hard to learn the ins and outs of the IndiePub industry. Or maybe you know one part REALLY WELL. Either way, we are looking for you! Earn some extra cash and build your network while you help other authors expand their publication dreams.

Industry topics that are specifically focused on indie authors, such as creating a brand and marketing that brand.
Self-editing techniques for the author to spiff up their books before sending to a professional editor.
Fine points and strategies for maximizing marketing results, or the pros and cons of specific marketing outlets. (Facebook, BookBub, AMS Ads)
Formatting a manuscript for publication, both DIY and/or survey of various services.
Non-traditional ways to sell your book.
Managing your self-publishing business, from legal issues to accounting and taxes.
How to go about finding your tribe! How to connect with other indie authors in your genre and how swapping newsletters helps to boost your sales.
How to break into a list as an indie. (How many books do you have to sell to get onto the USA Today’s Best-Sellers/The New York Times Best-Sellers lists).
Writing Life: How to stay motivated as an indie author.
How to self-publish a book – from A to Z.

We are open to a range of teaching styles including forum and chat-based mixtures. Our workshops are conducted in an online forum with private chatrooms. We also encourage webinars and video classes.
We are accepting proposals for workshops of all lengths including one, two three, or four weeks, and three to five-day intensives on a tightly focused topic and longer mentoring programs. Our workshops and classes are open to anyone regardless of membership level. Our stipend structure is based on a split of the class fees. SavvyAuthors is open to considering first-time workshop presenters.
Preference will be given to instructors willing to present exclusively for SavvyAuthors in scheduling and stipend percentage. Preference will also be given to new workshops (never before presented online) or workshops that haven’t been presented online in the 18 preceding months. For all other workshops, we ask for a commitment to not present the workshop online within three months of presentation through SavvyAuthors.

Complete the following form. We will contact you within two weeks. Questions? Submit all questions to the contact form at the bottom of this page.
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Check out our new infographic on How to Develop a Great Workshop!

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