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Savvy Authors is looking for a few great instructors, presenters, and educators

***Now accepting proposals for the latter part of the 2017 & 2018 program years***

  • Writing craft at all levels from beginning to advanced “tune-ups” ( GMC, Plotting, Grammar, Dialog etc.)
  • Story structure such as novel, short stories, and novellas
  • Writing Genre-specific fiction from Romance to Mystery, to SciFi to Sports, to YA and NA
  • Self-Editing best practices and process
  • Crowd-sourcing funding, editing, selling and marketing of your book
  • Publishing, from traditional to self-publishing and everything in between
  • Indie pub topics focused on how to get your book on the shelves and how to attract readers when its there
  • Hands-on editing & revising
  • General interest topics for story background such as Medical, History, Travel, business
  • Navigating the channels of social media and publicity for authors
  • Dealing with business and legalities of writing and publishing from taxes to LLCs to contracts and beyond

We are expanding our Webinar offerings for 2017-2018 and would love to have fresh, two to three session webinars on any topic! In particular, we are interested in creating groups to work through information in multi-session webinars.

Complete the following form. We will contact you within two weeks. Questions? Submit all questions to the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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We are open to a range of teaching styles including forum and chat based mixtures. Our workshops are conducted in an online forum with private chatrooms. We also encourage webinars and video classes.

We are accepting proposals for workshops of all lengths including 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks, and 3 to 5-day intensives on a tightly focused topic and longer mentoring programs. Our workshops and classes are open to anyone regardless of membership level. Our stipend structure is based on a split of the class fees. Savvy Authors is open to considering first-time workshop presenters.

Preference will be given to instructors willing to present exclusively for Savvy Authors in scheduling and stipend percentage. Preference will also be given to new workshops (never before presented online) or workshops that haven’t been presented online in the 18 preceding months. For all other workshops, we ask for a commitment to not present the workshop online within 3 months of presentation through Savvy Authors.

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