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Versatile Writers are Self-Confident and Productive Irene S. Roth

Most writers write in one genre and just keep writing in that genre for years, decades or even a lifetime. And that’s fine, except many of us get bored with some aspect of our writing at some point in our writing lives.

When this happens, we usually have one of two choices: we can either abandon the project we are working on altogether and start another one or we stop writing altogether for a while. Either way, we won’t be productive or self-confident with our abilities to complete manuscripts.

The first choice seems understandable on the surface although you will have many unfinished manuscripts in our files. Alternatively, if you choose to stop writing altogether, you will probably struggle to get back into your writing for weeks or even months. This can wreak further havoc with your self-esteem and overall productivity levels. Therefore, it is best to continue writing in order to complete manuscripts.

To assuage boredom and writer’s block, it is best to write in a variety of genres. There is nothing worse than feeling stuck and unfulfilled with your writing and to not being able to do much about it. One of the best ways to develop your ability to complete projects is to become a versatile writer. That way, if your writing isn’t going well with your WIP and you feel like you hit a brick wall, you can do other kinds of writing to continue writing. You will also probably be completing some of your smaller goals which will help you feel productive and ultimately give you the self-confidence to continue writing your WIP.

Here are a few ways to become a versatile writer.

  1. Start a blog. That way, you can at least write a few blogs posts if you feel stuck in your writing. There is so much you can write about. Try to brainstorm some topics and put them into your idea file for further reference. Then when you get stuck on your WIP, try writing about one of those topics.
  2. Take courses and workshops to hone your skills and learn how to write in different genres. You could try new types of writing for personal fulfillment. I will say more about writing for personal fulfillment below.
  3. Try your hand at writing in a new genre. For example, you could try your hand at writing for children or write short stories. This will encourage you to write in another genre if you run out of ideas for your WIP.
  4. Try writing e-books. They are easy ways to make a passive income and self-publish a few manuscripts. This will also show others that you write and complete manuscripts. This is something that potential agents and publishers will be looking at closely before they offer you a contract. Potential agents want to know that you complete the manuscripts you start writing.
  5. You may want to break into the article industry, whether it is writing for children or adults. It is always nice to be researching and reading in a new area. This will help you become a much more rounded and mature writer.
  6. Write for personal fulfillment. That way, you could do that kind of writing if you get bored with your WIP. Writing for personal fulfillment is a GREAT way to become more productive with your own writing projects during the week too.

When you write for personal fulfillment, you will be trying a new genre of writing that you don’t typically write in. The most important thing to remember about writing for personal fulfillment is that it must be stress-free, and it must be something that you truly enjoy. You may have to do some experimenting at first.

Here are a few benefits of writing for personal fulfillment:

You will feel much more content as a writer

There is nothing more rewarding and enjoyable than writing for personal fulfillment. You can choose a genre of writing that you never dared to try before. Pursue it for a while risk-free and see if you enjoy it. If you do, keep writing in this genre. If you don’t enjoy it, move on and try another genre.

You will be inspired to complete your main writing projects

There is nothing more productive than writing for pleasure. And this is especially the case because writing is a difficult occupation, filled with hard work and small bit of progress, as well as seclusion. We all need to do the kinds of writing we enjoy for a few hours a week. Then when you get back to our own writing, you will be poised and ready to tackle your projects with renewed energy.

You will be honing your skills in a new genre of writing

There is no better feeling than knowing that you are trying to expand your skills as a writer. There is something about writing for personal fulfillment that makes you feel like a professional writer who wants to be well-rounded.

So, try to write for personal fulfillment. Determine what kinds of writing you would like to try and devote a few hours each week to write in this genre. I find writing for personal fulfillment just like taking a vacation. When you return to your regular writing, you will not only feel fulfilled and content, but you will be very glad to get to your regular manuscript.

So, what type of writing have you been dreaming of trying? As I showed, becoming a versatile writer can help you feel self-confident and be productive. Now that is a winning combination.  Are you ready to try writing something new?

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