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Third Pass Edit

Wednesday December 5 at 9–11 p.m. EST | Registration NOW open!

Today’s publishing world is full of under-edited commercial fiction. This simple fact makes the Third Pass absolutely crucial. This is the most overlooked, and yet most important editing round.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the tools that professional editors use to give bestselling manuscripts a shiny polish. You’ll learn the most common and preventable mistakes seen in today’s abundant marketplace. Learn to catch and correct these critical issues before your book hits the shelves and rise above the masses.


Thursday February 28, 2018 @ 9 – 10 p.m. EST

Whether you plan to self publish or shop your manuscript around, your work needs to be consistent. Major publishers have a style sheet (aka “house style”), but many smaller and independent houses do not. So why bother having your own style sheet?

Consistency. Submitted manuscripts that have a consistency in grammar, punctuation, and formatting have a polished, professional appearance—which make them more attractive for publication, and for self publishers, it will save you time.

*** Please note that this webinar is geared to all authors whether indie published or seek mainstream publishing.

About Zetta:  Zetta Brown earned her degree in English/Creative Writing from Southern Methodist University and has over twenty years of editing experience. After being editor in chief for a small publishing house she ran with her husband Jim Brown, in 2008 they decided to transfer their expertise and adapt to changes in the industry by focusing on serving independent authors and publishers through JimandZetta.com.


The public library can be a great asset for book promotion but it can be difficult to get your book on the shelf if you’re an indie author.

In this class, librarian and author, S.J. Lomas, will help you understand the library system and what you can do to maximum your chances of a successful partnership with your local library.

About S.J.: S.J. Lomas has been working in public libraries since 1996. She’s also an indie author and book reviewer. She enjoys sharing her passion for books with writers and readers.