What Now? – the Pro Rookie By Liz Crowe

It’s pity party time—or is it?


We’ve discussed, commiserated, and otherwise propped each other up throughout the 4-year (wow, seriously? I have THAT much to say? It would appear to be the case…) course of this only slightly humble monthly blog post. First, let me thank the Savvy Authors powers that be for allowing me to spend their valuable bandwidth bringing my not-always-positive (but almost always amusing) style of advice. It’s pretty buzzy to think that an enterprise as helpful and fabulous as Savvy considers my words worthwhile enough to send me monthly reminders to send in the dang post already submit in a timely manner.

But I have to say, I feel like I’ve hit a milestone. Or maybe it’s a brick wall. Definitely a career stage, and one I’m not terribly encouraged by. Mind you, thanks to my solid decade of experience in this biz I know for a fact that This Too Shall Pass. But for now, I’m feeling a need to wallow, if only for a couple hundred words or so.

So…staying motivated is a real b*tch, isn’t it? I mean, even doing our author-as-CEO requisite social media posting, commenting, liking, and whatnot we’re smacked in the face every other post with other people’s FABULOUS NEWS. Their OMG YOU GUYS GUESS WHAT’s and I DON’T HAVE TO KEEP IT A SECRET ANYMORE’s. Followed by new publishing contracts, agent signings, best-selling statuses.


Exhausting, really. I mean, I am happy for people, don’t get me wrong. I want everyone to succeed. Honestly, I do. No, I mean I really, really do.


But as long as we’re being super truthful with each other here, in our Pro Rookie Safe Space, I’m going to confess that right now, having lost my shiny agent for reasons not made quite clear to me although I’m sure they’re valid, and being 100% unsuccessful finding a new one despite my earnest efforts, I’m Not Feeling This.

You know how it goes, right? You write something, you pay a professional editor to help you polish it, you submit, you get a revise and resubmit, you revise and resubmit, and then get the official “no thanks.” I did that, with what I considered a super duper cool concept, killer meet-cute, airtight GMC for all parties concerned. I revised and re-read the thing so many times I went cross-eyed.


All for naught, it would seem.

The agent debacle or, as I’ve come to refer to it, When Liz Gets Worked Up Over Not Much, was a learning experience. No, really, I learned, big time. I learned to ask more questions about what to expect, how the agent will or will not communicate, and that having an agent wasn’t quite the Big Step I hoped it would be. Oh, I also learned how to take a standard, by-the-rules romance and completely change it into a chick lit/women’s humorous fiction novel. That was pretty cool and on some levels, I’m glad she made me do it. Even if it never ended up getting submitted anywhere.

I’ve gotten about a half dozen rejections on the chick lit version of the book that netted, then lost me a literary agent. And for a while there I was super gung ho about finding someone new to submit it to for every rejection. But today, right now, here in my whine-zone, that seems like a waste of my time.

So there you have it, Liz comforters. One romance and one chick lit and a whole heck of a lot of nothing for it. Pass the wine bottle.

The thing about it is, there are good things happening. One of my stand alone romance novels was named Best Contemporary of 2018 by Love Romances Café reviewers and readers. I’m re-releasing my favorite series ever: Stewart Realty and going to a multi-author book signing right in my hometown of Ann Arbor where I’ll be releasing the first three print books for the first time.

I have some fun and exclusive stories available over at Radish.

And of course, because I am A Writer, I have a headful of new concepts that I really should transfer into something real.

Because that is what we do, isn’t it, fellow scribblers? We carry on. We suck it up, send more congratulations to our more successful colleagues, and we write something else.


Carry on, y’all. You’re awesome. And so am I!


I’d love for you to check out FIREBREW, the book that was named Best Contemporary of 2018 by Love Romances Café

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Jane Terrance believes her life is in perfect order. She’s got a great job selling commercial real estate in Detroit, a condo in Midtown with her best friend, plenty of her own money, plus full control over the men she seduces and discards with regularity.

Trey Lattimer seems a little young to be retired from firefighting and, at first, he’s just another guy for Jane to conquer. But the harder she tries, the more mysterious he becomes, until his presence in her life does nothing but wreak havoc on her psyche.

When her carefully constructed world comes crashing down around her one violent night, Jane reaches out for a hero, a role Trey is eager to play—as long as Jane accepts she must be her own heroine if they’re to stand any chance at a real relationship.

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Thanks for sharing that wallow, Liz! As one who has never netted an agent, and fears of never doing so (as she hits the refresh button for the 1000th time today), I've been wallowing a bit lately too. It's good to have community, no matter where we're at in our journeys, so thanks for sharing your truth!