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Where Do Sales Come From? by Decadent Kane

You see the Facebook friend over there, the one who’s having a bad day because the dogs tore up the trash.

Look at the one to your left who always posts selfies.

Or the one to your right who lost her job after a really bad month of everything going wrong.

Over there is the one who always has something positive to say about the day. The post those cute animal pictures everyone likes and shares.

And down there, just below your status, is the one who just bought a brand new house.

Here comes another one, with baby pictures and is struggling with potty training.

Your sales come from people. People who are living their lives and are taking the time to read your work, or maybe they haven’t yet and they need a reason to care why they should pick up your book instead of the author they know and trust like Nora Roberts or Kim Harrison, or Stephen King. Those authors are household names. They’ve sold a lot of books and everyone knows it. Readers can count on them to give a good story, to provide that escape they are looking for.

What do they know about you?

In the small world, down here where we indie authors are, where our ever gracious small publishers took a chance on us, we have to give the readers a reason to want to look over at us. They don’t want a sign that says buy here.

They don’t get on Facebook to buy things. What are they on Facebook for? Interaction, Family. Friendships.

So what they liked your fan page- fat lot a good that does you if you don’t give them a reason to come back. Is that big buy me sign going to bring them over?

Where do sales come from- Your relationships and how you present yourself, they come from the people around you- the person who has to clean up all that trash in the back yard and could use your help.

Sometimes a kind word is enough to spark a smile and if you can make someone smile- if you can show a person that you care, that you are a person too…then they might look at that brand new cover you added to your pictures, which might lead them to the blurb, where they might say ‘hey that could be interesting’ and then to click a buy link.

Does this mean you shouldn’t promote- no. But the market is flooded. I scrolled through my facebook pages today and do you know what I saw?

Book links. Buy me signs. Interviews. Excerpts. Reviews. Free today only. Five star reviews.

Guess what I did? I scrolled past all of it until I come across a funny picture, or someone actually saying something.

Where is the person I liked because I wanted to know more about them? I thought their comment was funny on a blog, but they disappeared behind a huge promotional sign.

Authors- stop hiding. Get out there and get to know the people you friend. Share their experiences. Send them a smile. Tell them Happy birthday, and share something of yourself.

It’s hard out there in the world of e-books and a ton of social marketing- how will you be different? What will you do that makes someone take a second look and realize you are a person too?

Make friends, cultivate those people you just met, and even if you don’t sale hundreds of dollars worth- when you do have a release, when you do have a special- they will want to know about it and word of mouth is still the best form of marketing there is.



An elfess in human form, Decadent Kane enjoys dipping her fingers into the human realm where she took pen to paper and began the tales of the trouble with elves. Her obsessions include reading, Dean Winchester, and honey.

She will devour your soul with glimpses of the feral ridden drow elves, with their dark skin and soul consuming. She’ll sneak morsels of naughty thoughts to you via goblins, and seduce you into stepping inside the elven realm where females disappear when lust takes over among other elfish troubles.

Beware the sprites.

Follow the wisps.

But never look a drown elf king in the eyes…

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SteeleYourSoul200pxWhen Pepper set out for the day, the last thing she expected was to come face to face with a pirate. But when she locks eyes with the Captain, she’s ready to let him pillage or plunder whatever he wants. At least until his drow shipmate decided to steal her for himself.

Captain Joren Steele has a love for his ship, money, and females, usually in that order. When Pepper steps into his life, he’s certain his love ’em and leave ’em status will remain intact. But when he discovers she’s a victim of the drow, he has to make a choice: his ship or the elfess.