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And the winner is…DeciMoMo by Leslie Dow

NaNoWriMo… >.<

So about a month ago, in fact to the day a month ago I posted my reasons for participating in NaNoWriMo this year. Life has been crazy, and I knew there was a real chance I would not finish. Maybe not even come close. Still, I decided that there were good reasons to try.

So, here I am facing the third week of NaNo with less than 5,000 words on my story.  The plot is still not complete, the ending not clear, the plot points ahead a bit fuzzy still. I do have an excellent handle on my characters, have nailed the first cute meet (it’s a romance), and have the external conflicts of both hero and heroine worked out.  I think it’s a half-empty or half-full kind of state.  I’m choosing half-full. 🙂

I likely will not win at NaNo this year.  But I am participating.

With ~45,000 words left on my story, the chance of my finishing by midnight on November 30th is somewhere between me winning a bazillion dollar lottery and seeing my face on the cover Time magazine’s Person of the Year issue. Hey, it could happen..they allow write-ins. I’m not giving up, NO WAY! But it’s clear that “winning” is out of the question for me.  And based on my Twitter and Facebook feeds I suspect its the same for many of you.

I said my reasons were that I wanted to rededicate myself to writing, feel a part of a greater community of writers, try to learn (again) a good habit of writing every day, cling to a Holiday Survival Crutch, and maybe just maybe write a book good enough to sell. So, what exactly in that list has changed?

No winners button and website badge for me.

But what is winning about really? It’s about writing a book. It’s about becoming a better writer and it’s about taking my own writing seriously.  NaNoWriMo with all its hoopla and press is fundamentally about each of us sitting down BICHOK (butt in chair, hands on keyboard) staring at the blank page and adding words. Some good, some bad, some just gobbledygook between the phrases that make sense.

Now, with ten days left, I still have a chance to write that first draft (OK not much but go with me here). I still can work on making my daily writing habit part of getting up, drinking coffee, and writing and vow to keep doing this every day from now on.  Thanksgiving is this week, so my writing is still an excellent holiday crutch!  And lastly, I am a part of a greater community of writers who all struggle with doubts and distractions. And this month, more than any in the past four years I have done this. I have written. I am writing. Not as much as I wanted, but more than I expected. So, for me, that’s a win.

And 2016 still has another whole month!  Maybe those of us who could not get it together to finish in November can start a new trend: DeciMoMo: the month of finishing that [email protected]%$#ing NaNoNovel!!!

You in?

Hey, everyone! WRITE ON!!! 

DeciMoMo: The month of writing Deciperately

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