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The SavvyAuthors Blog is currently seeking blog articles from publishing industry leaders, editors, and authors, both published and unpublished. NEW! And now we also offer video blogs!  

SavvyAuthors is home to over 8,000 members with various publishing backgrounds. SavvyBlog receives 2,000 blog page views per week. Blogging with SavvyAuthors is a great way to let your share your knowledge and experience while also promoting your next release or class. SavvyAuthors does not pay stipends for blog articles, and therefore, the author retains all rights. We only ask that you not post your article on other sites for at least a thirty day period before and after your post on SavvyBlog.

SavvyBlog readers are at all stages of their writing careers. We have newbies struggling with that first manuscript to  industry-savvy experts. Many of our users are interested in advances for the Indie author and nearly EVERYONE wants to know how to promote their next  (or current!) book.  We’ve polled our members and have come up with a short list of what seems to be hot right now:

1. Anything on what Amazon is up to, from how to decipher the income statement to the latest algorithms that put some books on the best-seller lists and some languishing.
2. Marketing and promotion tips and tricks. Anything Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that will help our readers get their message out there!
3. Things that you have found to be essential in your career. What is the last most important thing you learned about being an author?
4. Craft tips and tricks. Top Ten (or Five) lists work very well.
5. Anything that you think will give them a leg up on selling a story or landing an agent
6. Managing multiple releases, from story bibles to juggling characters.
7. How to manage the business end of writing, again tips and tricks work well here.
8. If you are blogging to promote your class, this is the place to share why the content of your class will help their career. Instructors who provide useful information in the blog articles always attract more students to their classes.However, please be careful that your article stands alone with useful information and is not solely focused on promoting your class.
9. Other things we’ve not even imagined! We know you have a whole list of things!

We’ve got a few simple Guidelines:
Please click on the Apply link below to submit an article proposal. The proposal should include:

– a tentative title
– three to four sentences on the topic to be covered.
– a requested post date
– If  the article has been previously posted, shoot us the link so we can take a peek

Please provide the full article to us ten days prior to the post date. We’ll get a draft posted and give you access so you can review and edit.
We try to respond to all submissions within a week, but we are human. 
So if you have not heard from us, shoot us a note at blog at savvyauthors.com. Whew! That’s it!

OK, if you must have all the nitty gritty details, we have ’em here for you!

The blog article should be an original article (unless previously approved) approximately 1000 – 1500 words. If over 2000 words it will be split it into two or more posts.

Topics should be related to writing craft, marketing, book promotions or writing life. Posts should be positive in nature. The blog article itself must be on a topic related to writing or the publishing industry. References to or excerpts from your book in the text of the blog should be germane and to the point.

Author Promo:
The book blurb that runs below the blog and the bio is where your book will be promoted. The blurb is a back cover copy type of thing. We can include both a buy link and a link to a preview.

With the blog article, we will post a cover graphic along with your book blurb, and also a head shot for your bio. We choose graphics to illustrate your article from several high-quality stock photo sites. We do not use either your picture or your book cover as the main image for the article.

Rights to post:
We ask for thirty days exclusivity and at the end of thirty days the author is welcome to post the blog article at other venues.

Savvy Authors provides light editing of the blog article for typos and misspellings. We also reformat, if needed, to add sections and headers. We will also give you edit access to your articles so that you may edit them.

Savvy Authors will agree to Tweet, Facebook, and Pinterest your blog article, and we do encourage you to do the same for maximum exposure. 

Have questions? Give us a shout!