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The Writing Life Irene S. Roth

Writing is a unique life.

It is filled with opportunities for self-exploration as well as self-understanding. Yet, there are also many obstacles for writers who are trying to make a career out of writing.


Many writers want to write.  But for many writers, life simply gets in the way.

They have health problems or they struggle to find time to write because their family needs them. Such writers usually end up feeling frustrated and anxious because their families don’t understand that they have to write to be successful and they ultimately give up.

I believe one reason why this is the case is because writers develop an all or nothing mindset and they want to do a lot of writing otherwise they feel unsuccessful. There are many seasons in a writer’s life where this is impossible. You may be holding a full time job or have young children at home. The possibility of sitting down and writing for two to three segments is impossible to achieve if your life is full.

However, if you break up your writing goals into smaller chunks, it may be possible for you to complete them, even if it takes longer. For most writers, if they even do a bit of writing regularly for a while, they will develop the self-confidence to continue to write and complete writing projects.


The Uniqueness of the Writing Life

There is also an inherent uniqueness to writing. It is like no other occupation. It is more like a calling because it is something that you do to feel fulfilled and complete. Many writers feel anxious and awful if they don’t write. If you are one such writer, writing is very important to you.


However, in order to flourish as a writer, you must write.

So, you have to be creative to find a time and place to write regularly. Otherwise, you will unfortunately grow stale and you won’t want to write after a while. The good news is that you don’t have to write for hours every day in order to flourish as a writer. Even fifteen to thirty minutes every day can help you tremendously to get a lot of writing done and build the self-confidence that you need to be a good writer.

If you are looking for creative ways to even do a bit of writing every day, here is something that you could try. In my mentoring group, I encourage writers to write at least 100 words every day. And many writers who try this exercise find that after only a month, they will write at least 100 words a day. Some write more.

Writers choose many different formats to do their writing. Some write in a notebook that they carry with them wherever they go. This is possible for writers. We can write anywhere and anytime. We can write on our lunch hours if we work. We can write when our baby is asleep if we are mothers. We can write at ball games or other events that we have to take our kids. In other words, if you are focused enough on getting even some writing done every day, you could do a lot of writing.


We have to remember that writing accumulates.

Let’s do a thought experiment, shall we? Say you decide to write 100 words a day for 365 days, you will complete several completed 50,000 word manuscripts every year. If you write 100 words, five days a week, you will have 26,000 complete words in a year. If you write 200 words a day for five days a week, you will have a completed manuscript in a year. So, as you can see it isn’t that hard to complete manuscripts if you write consistently.

So, instead of looking for excuses as to why you can’t write, look for excuses to write. Clear up your schedule even a bit from time to time so you can write. Look for little windows when you can write, and then sit down and write.


Writing is such a unique career. We can choose when to write and for how long.

We are our own bosses. So, we can do as much or as little writing as we want. All you have to do is set up a schedule and make it work. And our schedule should be built around our lives and our current season of writing, whatever that may be.

So, writing doesn’t have to be hard. It just has to be consistent for you to be successful. In my mentoring group and in a segment of all my workshops, I encourage writers to write consistently.  I show you how easy it is to find some fragments of time to write, regardless of how busy your life is.

I am grateful for being a writer every day. I write in many different areas, and in each of these areas I can honestly say that writing is a unique career and it is a great life.  I hope to show you how great this life is too. I look forward to seeing you in my workshops and mentoring group.

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