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Writing that Sparkles with L. C. Hayden

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LC Hayden has a great one coming up! Read on and learn more about her workshop How to Make your writing Sparkle October 23 through November 8, here at SavvyAuthors!

Have you ever read a book and said, “Wow! That was really good.”  Then you read another book and wonder how in the world that book managed to be published. What’s the difference? Both contained interesting characters and a captivating plot. Yet one book fell flat and the other felt vibrant. Why?

The difference is on how the books were written. After each author finished writing his book, one devoted time to making his writing sparkle. The other one simply finished writing and called it quits.

In my upcoming workshop, How to Make Your Writing Sparkle, I will show you step-by-step how to turn your writing from so-so prose to one that sparkles. The workshop will run from October 23 through November 8.

Here are some of the points I will be covering:

  • Finding the hot topics
  • Knowing your audience
  • Connecting with the reader
  • Making the story ring true
  • Leaving the reader satisfied

I will show you how each of those topics helps to improve your writing. Once you’ve mastered these “secrets,” you will notice a definite sparkle in your writing.

Some of the things I’ll cover under those categories include how to let the reader know what to expect, how to hook the reader, and how to use proper point of view. Other topics include adding conflict, the use of imagery, using proper dialog, and paying attention to the proper use of style.
A large chunk of this workshop will consist of teaching the author to pay attention to his own writing. For example, if you study book titles, you will learn how to write attention grabbing titles. Furthermore, if you pay attention to the words in a passage you particularly enjoyed, you can learn to use those same words to add flavor to your own writing.

One great way to discover how to use words properly is to pay attention as you read movie or book reviews and sports reports. What words did the author use to grab your attention? How can you use the same words?

The one thing I’d like to emphasize is that you should never tell yourself you lack talent. Of course, you have talent—otherwise, you wouldn’t want to write. All you need to do is to learn how to harvest this talent.

And that’s what my workshop will help you to do.
See you October 23, and in the meantime, write, write, and write.
And then write some more.


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